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The Princess gets pierced (labret ring)

esterday was Friday the 13th, and so I decided to get my second piercing. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan where not too many people I know are into piercing, but one good friend introduced me to the spiritual side of it. This friend also introduced me to ARIC at Crystal Rainbow, who is the only person I would let pierce me in GR. I called Aric from work on Friday and told him I wanted to come in for a labret ring. And I told him I wanted it small. He said no problem and after an anxious day I headed to Crystal Rainbow for the lip ring. I was much more nervous than I had been for my eyebrow barbell, probably because I had planned the barbell for months and had only just had the strong desire for a labret two days ago. Incidently, I removed the barbell a week ago, and was feeling empty without it.

I've always admired labrets on others, and I think they look beautiful on women especially, so I had to go for it.

I ate Taco Bell first because I wasn't sure if I would be in the eating mood after. My co-worker and piercing friend Susan came with me for support. A strange coincidence that marked my piercing was that ARIC had an apprentice watching him who happened to know me from when I was a child living in a different part of the state. I had no idea he was into piercing and this was a bonus, because it helped get the fear out of my mind through chit chat. I told Aric I was especially nervous for some reason, but with a few deep breaths I had calmed down. I find it best to breat in the nose and out the mouth when dealing with pain. He made a mark directly under my lip line as I told him I wanted very little space between the ring and my bottom lip. He centered it just right. He used a 16 gage ring. When the needle went in, it pinched but not too bad. What freaked me out was the weird pain when he clasped the ring with a black bead. And then it was done. No blood and pretty tight. The piercing actually is right on my lip line, not onthe skin below,which I'm not too happy about. But I did want it esp close so oh well. Aric said most people start with a bigger ring, but he could understand why I would want to start small.

I've had problems trying to drink from a cup and my bottom lip is swollen today, just 24 hours or so past the piercing point. I wanted to drink some rum,but then I remembered hard alcohol is very damaging to an oral piercing. So I didn't break this rule. I've had to drink with straw to avoid dribbiling. This sucks. I also broke the no kissing rule, and I have to say labret kissing is odd. My partner also had a labret and it was painful beause my lip was sore. I really enjoy being kissed by a partner with a labret on my neck or face tho. But I would never suggest a piercing simply for physical pleasure. Piercing is to me more about self-empowerment.

I have a red hole beginning to form on the skin around the outer opening which i'm not too keen on.

I haven't iced, but I've taken nuprin. Spitting is hard and so is remembering to rinse all the time with listerine. I hope this heals fast.

I can't wait to get a reaction from people at work on monday. So far, most people like it. I went to see Aric's band the Bounty Hunters and a few young punk girls complimented me. Sigh.

I highly suggest a labret ring, and don't worry about going too small. I haven't had any problems with it. This is the best 40 dollars I've spent in a long time.

Update: it's been a week since my labret piercing and I love it. I discovered that only two tribes pierce their lips with a ring, one in Ethiopia, and one tribe of the Mali people. I think this connection is cool. The piercing gets the usual crusties and they can be annoying. It's so hard not to pick em. One thing that works well for this type of wound is lavender flower tea. I've been drinking it and rinsing externally after showering. Lavender tea also helps for depression. Lavender oil is also recommended.People at work didn't say much, but I didn't do it just to get a reaction. One thing that gets annoying really fast is people asking "did that hurt?" Who cares. It's worth a second of being uncomfortable to have a labret. Don't let anyone talk you out of the gauge you want, I'm lucky enought to have an understanding piercer and I would recommend Aric to anyone in the area.

I notice that I am constantly playing with the ring and this can cause scar tissue, so that is a concern.

Labret rings are not as popular as straight up labret studs, but I like the look better. I have a black ball holding the ring closed and I'm thinking about looking into different colors. It's annoying that I can't really wear lipstick, but that helps me to be more natural anyways. It's really hard not to smooch, but I haven't had any problems with infection or anything. The bacteria in the mouth ensures this piercing will be pretty much clean. I can't wait to stop rinsing with listerine. Well, that's all I can think of really. If you want a labret: just get one. If people in your life have a problem with it, that's their problem not yours. I'm glad I took my desire and did something about it.

Princess Nemo [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 1998
in Lip Piercing

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