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labret story (Blackhole Body Piercing, Portland, OR)

had been interested in getting my labret pierced for quite some time, but there was always that damn money factor that stopped me. So on October 30th, I decided it was that time, and I wouldn't feel guilty about spending the money because I would just consider it a birthday gift to myself. (I turn 19 on November 6th)So I got in the car with my girlfriend and we made the short trip to Blackhole to see Tracey, the owner of the shop.

Upon arrival, i guess I can admit that I was a bit nervous. My last piercing didn't go very well, I got a second barbell in the tip of my tongue, and I was a bit too eager to downsize to a smaller one, so I went in too early, and got too small of a ball which started to sink into the hole and was very painful, after about a week of whining and annoying my girlfriend, i took it out and let it heal. Very depressing, but it was my own fault. So I was naturally a bit nervous that the same thing would happen or I would have new problems but was willing to take the risk anyway because I had wanted my labret done for so long.

So we get to the shop, I decide on what size jerwlry i want, just a 16 gauge regular labret stud, and I follow Tracey upstairs. Tracey is great, I will never let anyone else pierce me and everyone who asks where I go to get pierced, I point them in the direction of Blackhole. So far Tracey has pierced my nipples, tongue (my own damn fault that one didn't work out because I was too early to jump to the downsize and small ball) and now my labret. Anyone in the Portland, Oregon area looking for a good piercer should stop by Blackhole sometime, it is an excellent establishment.

So, i go upstairs, sit on the table, swish with Listerine, Tracey rubs some antiseptic on my chin, marks the spot where it will go, checks with me to make sure it's okay and tells me to lay down. I lay back, take a deep breath when qued, and prepare for the pinch. Wait a minute, I have heard this piercing hurts a little! I am confused I felt aboslutely no pain. The jewelry is in and I'm sitting up, dumbfounded, waiting for the stinging to come, it never did. Tracey says I'm pierced and I did a great job. (shes the one who did a great job) I look in the mirror and am very happy. It looks perfect, no bleeding or anything. We go downstairs, me all cheezy, sporting a new hole. Pay, thank Tracey and leave the shop.

On the way home, it feels a little funny against my teeth, but it's not bad, just have to adjust to it. Still absolutely no pain or redness.

That night, I ate spaghettiO's and a grilled cheese sandwich with no problem at all. Before bed I brushed as usual, swished with listerine, wiped the outside with bactine and admired myself in the mirror for awhile. I am very happy with my labret. It was just a teeny bit swollen the next morning, barely noticeable though.

The next night we go to a Halloween party. I eat and drink and socialize with no problem. (the only time i have felt any pain so far is when my girlfriend forgot about it and sucked on my bottom lip, she felt so bad, but it didn't hurt that much)

Now just four short days after my labret piercing, everything is great, I very quickly got used to the back of the stud against my teeth and gums. And it looks great. And to think I was so nervous. I'm now back up to my 20 mark. I have fifteen total in my ears, my left eyebrow, both nipples, my tongue and labret. Wonder whats next, this piercing thing is way too addicting.

If you have made it this far reading my story, and are considering getting your labret pierced, I say go for it, I know everyone is different when it comes to healing, pain and everything else involved. But I had a VERY great labret experience. And am extememly happy with the look of my newest addition of jewelry.

Jenn      Portland, OR


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Nov. 1998
in Lip Piercing

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