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My very own Frowny

ell I have a thing with doing self-peirces, I have peirced a Hafada twice and a Tounge-Web twice. They have all had to have been taken out
though =o( My Hafada got ripped when I woke up in the morning and I scratched my nuts, and OWWWWWWW it really hurt! The skin around the left entrance hole was ripped and bleeding bye bye Hafada My Tounge Web had to be taken out 'cos I had a CBR and it kept on getting hooked on one of my bottom teeth when I talked and ate and it hurt like hell when it did get hooked!

Well Frowny...

I peirced it last night (self-peirce of course) I got out a needle (about 14-15 gauge) and I sterilised that. I had the CBR from my Tounge-Web still. I decided that I would use that. I didn't want the bead to be to far up my bottom teeth 'cos it would have interfered greatly with my eating =o( So I bent it so that it looks like the 'C' on your KEYBOARD but the curve behind where the bead would fit is flatter and the bead would go in the gap duh

Well... I rinsed with Listerne and scrubed my hands etc...

I got the needle out and wrapped a bit of double-sided selotape around it so I would have something to hang onto and push it thru. I pulled down my bottom lip andfound where I wanted to put it. I got the needle all in line and began pushing, (I push the needle thru really slowly when I peirce)After about a minute I was thru the other side but the needle was of the tapered kind so I had to stretch the exit hole so that the CBR would actually fit thru. That hurt a little and I was almost done when my mum walks in (My parents don't know I peirce myself and they wouldn't let me, so I was peirceing in the bathroom pretending I was having a bath) I pretend I am picking my nose or something and she asks if I have gotten out of the bath yet? 'yyeehh irrmm oouutt' I said with a needle hanging out of my mouth. Whats that I get asked 'nnoootthhnngg'and she walks out again.

DAMN I have to finish this now! I push the needle thru proberly stretching it about a gauge and that hurt a little. Pull out the needle and get the pre bent CBR and try to slip it thru. No the hole it to small DAMN! I get the needle again and push it thru some more with a little more pain. I take it out and try to put the CBR in again. No it isn't going to work, I try the CBR the other way around and for some strange reason it goes in! YaY! I get the bead and put the on, It wasn't to difficult to get the bead on but I think that it might have just been good luck! =o)

Well I go to bed and wake up in the morning with the same peircing in the same place! I didn't dream it! YaY!

I go to school (I'm 18) and sit an English Exam DAMN! I showed a few people and who saw it loved it and people who I have talked to havn't noticed it at all yet =o?

I ate a bit of cake for lunch and that was fine, it hurt a little when I opened my mouth to far but not bad!

I ate a ham sandwhich just before and that was a bit of a mission 'cos every time I took a bite it pushes down on my Frowny and that hurts quite a bit, so I ripped my sandwhich into peices and ate it like that! I am really happy with my frowny but it will proberlly have to be taken out soon 'cos it is pretty close to the surface.

I love it though!



Feel free to e-mail me with any questions etc... at : [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Nov. 1998
in Lip Piercing

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