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I paid to be starving!

font size=+2>Sunday 7:30am I can't sleep anymore because I'm too excited so I get up and shower and get ready to drive the 90 minutes to the piercing place.

1:00 pm When I get to Expo the piercer is on lunch break so I have to wait till he gets back. To pass the time I fill out the paperwork and pick out my labret. The don't have any as small as I would like, so I settle for a medium sized ball on a 14 gage that is a little long. I hand the cashier my 56 dollars.

1:30pm I'm getting kinda nervous, I try to take my mind off things by looking around the shop and talking to my friend Manda.

1:45pm The piercer shows up and leads me back to the piercing room, Parker, Manda, and Becky come with me. I ask him if it's alright to take pictures, and he said yes, but no flash. No problem except my camera decides to run out of batteries at that moment...grrr! He has me swish with Listerine, which has a cool numbing factor. Then he cleaned my chin in prep to mark it. I mention I'm kinda nervous because I haven't been pierced in over a year (I have 8 piercings though). He says not to be, and starts to tell me his self-piercing stories while he prepares which really helps to take my mind off of things. Next he marks my chin where the stud will go, I decide it looks fine so he puts the clamp on my lip. This is when I stop breathing until I remember breathing is the most important anti-pain factor, I also looked down at that moment and saw him putting jelly-stuff on the needle and I stopped breathing again. Parker yelled at me, "Don't look at it, you'll freak yourself out!" I take her advice and look at the ceiling, and right then without expecting it, I feel a slight pinch and a lifting sensation and then he is screwing on the ball. Done...already? I bled quite alot. I was in total shock that it didn't hurt at all!!!! I just kinda sat there in a daze until he said "Are you ok, light headed or anything?" So I snap back to reality and say I'm ok. After cleaning the pierce a bit he hands me the care instructions and I hop out of the chair and tell him I'll be back next week for my tongue.

2:00pm We all go out to lunch, I watch everyone else chow down on pizza while I nurse my chin with pieces of ice. The smell of pizza is making my hungry..mmmmm...fooood whimper It starts to bleed again so I rush to the bathroom to clean it up, I get weird looks from people in the bathroom. The rest of the day is spent shopping while I suck on ice continually and try to ignore my stomach growling.

6:00pm Then we all go to a club to check out a few punk bands. I sit at the bar and suck on ice. Suddenly my chin feels weird so I feel the stud, and the ball is gone!! I'm freaking out and searching for it on the floor, and notice its in my glass...whew that was close. I have a ton of trouble screwing it back on and can't get it tight enough, but at least it's on. Then I jump in the mosh pit, duhhh stupid idea, I get hit in the mouth by a crowdsurfer. I also scream, sing, and talk to people alot while there...which puts my mouth in agony. By this time I'm fed up enough to go home and clean my mouth some more. On the way home I try to drink a strawberry smoothie. My mom sees it when I walk in the door and is totally disgusted, and I try to tell her it's cool, not disgusting, and she says "No, its disgusting, its oozing blood!" Grr...here I go again rushing to the bathroom, I clean off all the gunk for about 10 minutes then I'm so tired I hit the sack. I have to sleep on my back so I won't bump my chin, which sucks.

Monday 5:30 am Ahh..way too early, but I have to go to work. The piercing is bleeding when I wake up, so I clean it right away in the shower. It's a little swollen this morning and it hurts to move my mouth. For breakfast I sloooooowly sip another smoothie. Since I work with old people I got a ton of dirty looks. Throughout the day it gets more and more swollen, I clean it on every break I have. At lunch I try to eat some yogurt but I can't open my mouth wide enough to get the spoon in. It ends up everywhere BUT my mouth. I give up and suck on more ice. By the end of the day it feels ALOT better, when I get home I'm even able to eat some pudding and a bagel (broken up into tiny pieces). I'm getting getting used to it and playing with it by running my tongue across the back part. It's still slightly annoying having it rub up against my teeth. After rollerblading a few hours I eat some M&M cookies, which goes over ok. Go through the cleaning biz again and go to bed.

Tuesday I'm STARVING! I guess trying to eat yesterday was a bad idea, today my mouth is totally sore and swollen, I clean it extra good today to make sure I don't get an infection. I loooove the way it looks and am altogether really happy with the way it turned out. It's worth the extra annoyance :)

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on: 01 Oct. 1998
in Lip Piercing

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