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Scrumper @ Body Ritual

had always felt that the descriptions of scrumper experiences had always been a little brief. After getting mine done today, I now know why.

First of all, the pain was nil. There was none, not even a little sting. I had expected a sharp, quick pinch, but not even that happened.
Secondly, the piercing itself was relatively quick. It took two people, one to hold up my lip and the other to actually pierce the web. The procedure went something like this.

They had me lie back on the archaic medical examination table. I am guessing that this would allow for better access. Next, came the raising of the upper lip. Not as glorious as might be expected, but it did get annoying after a while. The webbing was then marked, and clamped, I believe. To be honest, I cannot recall if it was or not. At this point, I closed my eyes and started to relax myself by breathing evenly.

However, when I was asked to take a deep breath, I knew it was coming.
On the second exhale, the piercer pushed the needle -- which he had bent at about a 45 degree angle -- through the web. I felt a slight, dull pushing feeling, and that was it. As I said, no pain, no sting. The jewelry was inserted, problem-free as well. This did not hurt either.

The next step, though, was to clamp the ring around the bead (I had chosen a 16g CBR). This is where the comedy began. It took at least several minutes, as one of the piercers contiued to hold my lip and the other tried to attach the bead. After several attempts, the bead was secure.

At this point, my friend arrived. She was supposed to have been there at 1:00 pm, but she was late. I smiled when I saw her, which elicited a smile of approval from her. She later told me that my mouth had been bloody and my eyes glazed and watery. This surprised me. I had tasted a bit of blood, but did not think that I had been bleeding that much.

Six hours later, everything is fine. I just have to get used to the ring being there. It feels like a piece of food is permanently stuck above my gums. I am certain this feeling will pass.

Either way, I am pleased. The scrumper combines well with my septum. I like the way the it looks, set exactly behind and below my septum.

Finally, the piercing was done at Body Ritual in Milwaukee. Check them out if you are in town.

Any questions? email me.

[email protected]



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1998
in Lip Piercing

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