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The last day of August, 1997; I, my parents, my best friend, and my brother all went down to Philly to go to Warrior on South Street. I decided to go to Warrior because it was recommended to me by many people I had talked to, "Warrior's the cleanest in the area" they said, "Warrior does a good job" they said, "Warrior's the best place around" they said. They were wrong.

When I arrived, there was almost no wait. I went right up and taled to the piercer on duty at the time (his name escapes me at the moment). I said "I want my lip pierced." He said "OK, have you ever had anything pierced before?" My response was "Just my ear." The man's next comment was "Let me lead you through it." And so he did.

He chose for my first major piercing a 12 gauge captive bead ring with a 1/4 inch diameter. The man led me to a chair in the corner of the studio and proceeded to tell me about how the autoclave worked, and how they throw the needles away after one use, etc, (normal crap). It was then time for the actual piercing.

As I sat there, I was a little nervous but that was it. My dad was petrified (he left the building and went outside). The piercer said that it would hurt a very little bit, less than a syringe. He marked the left corner of my mouth with a marker (kind of reminded me of the mall). Then a clamp was placed on my lip and a needle was shoved through it. He took the clamp off and said "Don't move your mouth you have a long needle going through it." He came back with the ring and placed it on the end of the needle. "One, two, three." As he passed the needle out of my lip and the ring into it. He then popped the bead into place and said, "Congratulations, you are pierced." ("Don't patronize me." I thought). He told me about how to care for and clean my new lip ring, we paid the $60, and we were on our way.

I took care of my piercing and treated it well, but my band instructor at school said that it would interfere with my playing and told me "Either the lip ring goes or you do." My parents convinced me that quitting the band would be a mistake and so I had to get it taken out. I went to the more local Lion's Den in Trenton, NJ. The man there went off. "What did those retards do?!?" he asked "You let them do this to you?!?" "This ring is way too small for this piercing." he told me "I get so many people in here that were messed up by Warrior."

I will be getting my lip repierced in June, suffice it to say I will not be going to Warrior.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Lip Piercing

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