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Labret Done at Taurian Body Piercing in Houston Texas

ret Done at Taurian Body Piercing in Houston Texas

Labret Done at Taurian Body Piercing in Houston Texas

 I found over the course of the last three years that body piercing has

become an expression of my personality and my unique outlook towards life. Piercing is a normal behavior in the Montrose area that I reside in, so usually when I get the idea of a new piercing, I cannot stop until the piercing is complete. I have a tongue, nose, naval, and ears (six times) piercings.

 Recently I had the idea of getting a new piercing and I could not decide

on what to get, so, one night when surfing the internet I came across the Labrets and it became my next venture into piercing. Many people throughout the neighborhood have Labrets and I thought they looked really interesting to me. I decided on the Labret and did some research on the web and I checked out the jewelry associated with it.

All that was left was getting the money to have it done, because the

actual piercing cost $58 for everything. I borrowed the money from a friend that afternoon and decided after work that night to have the Labret done.

 Usually I have piercings done alone, but this time I decided to bring my

friend, Cathy, along because she has never been inside a studio for piercings before. As we walked to Taurians I became anxious to have it done and I started rambling my thoughts due to all the excitement.

We walked in and Taurian's was very crowded and I told the gentleman at

the counter that I wanted Bryiah (owner and piercer) because he is the best in town and he has done all my other piercings (it made me more relaxed to have it done by him). They told me it would be a 30 minute wait, so Cathy and I sat in the waiting room talking to the rest of the group comparing stories of other piercings. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the wait was an hour and a half long, but I was willing to wait for the best anyway.

 After what seemed like an eternity, Bryiah finally called me back to the

room. We walked back to the room and I rinsed my mouth with Listerene for him and he proceeded to do the markings on the outside for the placement of the jewelry with a black magic marker. He gave me a hand mirror and asked me if it looked OK, and I wasn't sure, so I asked Cathy if she thought it looked centered and we agreed it looked like it was in the right spot. Next, he dried my mouth with gauze and marked my lip and inside of my mouth with a toothpick dipped in ink.

 After he rechecked several times to make sure the markings were

straight, he asked me to lay down flat on the table. He told me to take a deep breathe and upon exhaling, he would shove the needle through my lip. I proceeded to take a deep breathe, and at this time I was thinking I would hold my breathe as long as I could. Finally after what seemed like a year, I exhaled and I felt the needle go through and my world before my eyes turned suddenly white. My body felt like it rose three feet from the table, so I grabbed the table and held on for dear life. He said "Almost done, we have to put the jewelry in now".

 When he put the jewelry in, it hurt as bad as the piercing did.  After

he put the shaft in he had to screw on the ball and the ball hurt just as bad as everything else and I was now done, and Bryiah had me sit there for a few minutes to relax. After a while I sat up and drank some water because I could taste blood in my mouth and I knew the inside of my mouth was bleeding.

 I was now bound for home with my new piercing that felt extremely wierd

and along the way I stopped for Listerene and aspirin. Although my mouth was throbbing, I felt like I had just been through a major adrenalin rush. My endorphins kicked in, and quite honestly I cannot remember the walk home. It seemed as if I was in a daze.

 It has been two hours since the piercing, and I love it.  I don't know

what my work will think of it, but I like it and that is all that matters. I think this will be the last one, but I [email protected](dawn)

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 June 1997
in Lip Piercing

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