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Scrumper at Stainless Studios

umper at Stainless Studios

Scrumper at Stainless Studios

My girlfriend and I went to Toronto for Valentine's Day, and while we were there, I was hoping to get pierced. I made a two o'clock appointment to get my tongue web and scrumper done, and to get measured for my nape. But alas, we didn't arrive until after 3 and my girlfriend talked me out of getting all three done on the same day, so I wouldn't be too sore all weekend. So we stopped by the studio while wanderign up and down Queen street. We were greeted by a very friendly Caitlin (Once again, sorry if I spelled that wrong…=) ) who said they could fit me in for my scrumper that evening, so off I went, happy to be getting at least one. We stopped at one of the ubiquitous Toronto coffee shops about an hour before the appointment for some mocha. That turned out to be a bad idea. I was nervous, of course, since I was getting pierced, and the way good size big-ass mug of mocha did not help in the slightest. Instead of a little bit of butterflies, I had the full blown jitters, and I was so embarrassed.

We arrived at the studio, and sat down to wait and talk with Caitlin. I

slowly clamed down, and got to meet Tom, of whom I was a big fan. I had read his interview, and looked at some of his work, and was duly impressed. So it was quite exciting to meet him, since he turned out to be a wonderfully laid-back man. Calmed me down instantaneously.

I sat down in his awesome dentist's chair, and he got to work. Within

five minutes, I was pierced, bejewled, and smiling happily. My girlfriend could only say," done so soon?" and laugh at me as I tried to smile bigger and bigger to show it off.

What exactly did he do in there? Well, your basic marking and clamping

on my upper lip frenulum, for starters. Then he had Emma, another wonderful assistant. (Everybody is so cool in this studio!) hold my lip up while he pierced. A pain like biting on a nacho the wrong way, and it was over. I enjoyed my the reward of the endorphins as all good piercees do, and skipped merrily along, smiling brightly.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 June 1997
in Lip Piercing

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