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Labret @ Atomic Garden

Anxious. That would be the feeling. As my mom dropped my brother, Ethan, and I (Damon Kalar, a 19-year-old from Minnesota) off on University Way, or "The Ave," I could feeling my limbs shaking in anxiousness. After two and a half hours of looking for a piercing place, we decided to look in the phone book.

Atomic Garden on University Way. That'll do. As we found it, and went upstairs, second-thoughts and nerves started to set in. "Hey Eeeth, let's go get some coffee." After coffee, and a smoke I decided to go in.

My piercer, Gregory LaRouxe, was very nice and eventually turned out to be one of the most genuine people I've ever met. Gentle and cautious, he ran me through the piercing step by step. Cleaning, marking and the clamp.

With this and I guess every piece, the most important thing on you mind should be BREATHE. I didn't. The clamp, "I'm fainting," then cartoons. As I came to, I realized where I was and inside all I could say was "Oh, yeah."

By that time, Gregory's assistant, Jessica had arrived. Everyone had heard the noise in the outer room (you know, me knocking things over) and she had come in to see the outcome. Comforting words, and smiles "Ready for round two?" Jessica said as I drank my water and waited.

Round two:

The clamp and needle ready, Gregory instructed "Breathe in and out, in and out, this time big breathe and hold it." Then the needle went in -- It seemed I was being lifted from my seat as it poked through. "You're pierced," Gregory said. But it wasn't pain, more of a cold, penetrating feeling. As he put the jewelry in, I was delirious with something, probably shock. "There's a needle in my lip. Now there's jewelry in my lip."

I sat back and Jessica moved up the footrest and everything went kinda white, but I held on. I know, I'm a wimp. Gregory cleaned my pierce and I completly regained my composure. Jessica showed me a mirror, dang it looked cool. Not the mirror, my piercing. We were done. As I left the Atomic Garden I waved good-bye and promised a return after I moved to Seattle. You know, for jewelry and everything.

The bus ride home is a strange blur, but I do remember meeting Gregory and Jessica on the street as we waited for the bus. "You aren't going to pass out on the Ave are you," he asked.

The morning after:

It feels kinda uncomfortable, but it's a good uncomfortable. And it looks awesome. I'm really happy with it. This experience was really interesting, and working with two of the most gentle people out there, I wouldn't have changed a thing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1998
in Lip Piercing

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