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Theo Experience (aka Scrumper)

o Experience (aka Scrumper)

hi my name is toby, after getting my theo pierced i felt it was time to tell the world i existed (for if i was you i would want to know about me) by telling the story of my experience.

it is thursday now and the piercing was done last friday. i had only heard of this piercing for about 4 weeks when i decided to get it. i usually go to taurian body piercing in houston but when i got there, there was a note on the door explaining to me that due to illness the shop had to close early, bariah had something wrong with his eye, due to sight being a big part of being a piercist, i am glad that they closed early, mind you that i was not thinking of this at the moment, i was very pissed off to say the least.

i got back in my car and precided to drive down westhimier street, about the only place in houston to find such extablishments, on a mission to find a pagota that would not give me hepatitis. after a hour and a half, and three priecing establishments later, i finally found one that knew that a piercing gun was not the required tool for the job. sacred heart piercing was my place of choice, it was somewhat odd, for i had never seen or heard of this place before (it may have been because that they had just put up a sign after 2 years of business).

i walked into the place and asked "do you do theos here", and there response was yes, one question down one to go, "can you do it with a gun", there answer was not much in words, but the action of trying to kick me out of the place! after i explained he understood. i gave them the info them needed for everybody's little piercing form and he took me back to "get the job done". his piercing bench side manner was great, he told me what the procedure was going to be and started to get his stuff ready. this guy had the belif of "if i can get a pair of forceps on it, i gunna try." but when push came to shuv the forceps lost out. he decided to use a reciptor tube insead, but then he ran into another problem, with one had holding the tube, and one had holding the needle how was he going to hold my lip up. after humorously watching his futul efferts i look at him and say "uh, do you need some help", "yeah, it might be a little helpful". he went over and got me a glove so i could hold up my lip. as i am sitting there holding my lip up and him about to pierce me, he looks at me and says "take a deep breath and we will do it on the exhale" right when i start to take the breath he half embarassed, half humorlingly says "i can not believe that i am piercing some guy holding up his lip for me" pushing the needle through on the final word.

i had it done with a half inch 14 gauge straight barbell, the pain was NONEXISTANT, i love it; although the barbells resting on the top of the roots of my front teeth has made my gums rather sore, other than that it is fine, and would recommend it for anybody who wants one.

p.s. on my way out i tuned around and asked him, so how many of these have you done, "your the first bud." i laughed and went home with my new hole.

p.s. 2 if you are in the houston area and have any questions about the best places to go to get something pierced, e-mail me, or if you just have a question and have nobody else to ask, i will be glad to help, if i do not know the answer, i will try to point you in the right direction

[email protected]

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 May 1997
in Lip Piercing

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