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The Story Of My Bridge

I had never really loved piercings until around May this year when I went for my first piercing ever, which was my septum. Between May and July I got my septum, industrial, daith, eyebrow and smiley pierced. After that I left the piercings for a few months.

But after a while I started getting the urge to get another piercing. I was about to go on a 2 week holiday to New Caledonia so I thought this would be the perfect time to get another piercing since I wouldn't have work for another 2 weeks. The question was, "what to get?"

So after searching bme and doing alot of research I was set on getting my bridge, and also my lip.

I was leaving the country the following Thursday so I booked an appointment at Trendez in Dunedin, N.Z for the Monday before I left.

Monday morning came and all day I was excited about finally getting two new piercings. At 4.30 i made my way to Trendez where I met my dad who had to sign the consent forms as i am only 15. I decided to get a 14g 10mm Stainless Steel Curved Barbell for my bridge and a 14g 10mm Labret for my lip piercing . After filling in the forms, me and my friend Alesha ( who was also getting her lip pierced ) went upstairs into the piercing room.

Having being to Trendez 5 times before, I knew the procedure and sat in the chair as my piercer explained the cleaning process and how I have to leave the jewelery in for 6 weeks before I can change it while sterilizing all the equipment she would be using for my piercings . One of the reasons I have always gone to Trendez is that they are very clean and professional with the piercings they perform and all the staff are friendly. She also told me that I shouldn't drink or smoke within the 6 weeks that my lip piercing would be healing as this could cause infection. But since I am a smoker she told me just to wash my mouth out every time I have a smoke.

She decided to do my bridge first as she said my lip would need ice straight after wards to help with the swelling. She got out her marker and started marking up my bridge. The first time the sides were uneven so I got her to fix them up, after 3 more attempts I then decided it was too high and I wanted it lowered down into the hollow of my nose more. After apologizing for this she laughed and said " It's fine, You're going to have to be the one to live with it if it's wonky, so be as fussy as you like. " After a few more attempts, and a lot of convincing from my friend that it was straight and she liked the positioning too, I told the piercer that it was perfect.

So she put the clamps on and told me i could close my eyes if I liked, then stuck the needle through while telling me to breath in and out. Pain factor? Nil, the only thing I could feel was the uncomfortableness of having the clamps on ( which felt like someone was slowly trying to pull my nose off , I couldn't even feel the needle going through. It bled a little bit but not too much. Less than I expected as I had read experiences on bme which claimed it bled quite a lot.

Next came my lip, which i have to say hurt quite badly. A very very sharp sting. Out of all my facial piercings I would have to say this one hurt the most and bled the most as well.

When she was done with both piercings i got up to have a look in the mirror and was very pleased with the placing and look of both my bridge and my lip. The caked blood around my bridge made it look a bit uneven but later on when i had gotten home and cleaned the blood off.

Afterwards I went to McDonalds to get some ice water for my lip, which was throbbing really badly, tho my bridge didn't even hurt, in fact I still couldn't feel it at all.

I have had them both now for about a month and the healing process has gone very well. I cleaned them both morning and night with tea tree oil and clean my mouth once a day with a salt wash. The first few days after my bridge was very tender and still is a little bit but it never throbs like my lip did. I also noticed the swelling was very minimal and i could hardly notice it.

I recommend Trendez in Dunedin to anyone getting a piercing here as I have found them very experienced and are happy to answer anyone questions about the piercing you are getting.

As for my bridge? I love it. I love the way it matches up with my other piercings and for anyone thinking about getting it, Go for it ! (:


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 Dec. 2009
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: Trendez
Location: Dunedin+New+Zealand

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Sunday, July 29, 2012 @11:38 a.m.
i had mine done 2 week ago and its going great and now thinking of making it a double bridge, i will probs put it above the original and make it so it uses a slightly longer be so when its heal i have 2 diff lengs and will look way kool as it follows the curves of that area

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