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Finally Have an Eyebrow Piercing

First of all I would just like to say, I have wanted piercings since I was little because I just thought they looked cool. Practically every night I dreamt about tattoos and piercings, always believing I would never get them.

My family is very, very strict. They aren't particularly religious, just dead set against piercings. I couldn't even mention liking piercings. Whenever my parents saw people with them, they just ranted about how bad they were. I even hated the fact that four-year-old children could get piercings and I was sixteen and couldn't!

I got my tragus pierced spur-of-the-moment about a year ago, and since then my parents have been not as depreciative of piercings but they still hate them. They didn't talk to me for two weeks after that, though, and so I never wanted to bring up the idea of more piercings.

Surprisingly, I was never made to take out my tragus piercing, which meant I could contemplate that some time in the distant future, I would get another piercing.

I thought getting an eyebrow piercing would be a good introduction to non-ear piercings. It was, as it is easy to clean, all parts of it are visible, and it looks really good and isn't too out-there.

Anyway, I didn't bother convincing my parents, I just told them I was going to get a new piercing, so that they wouldn't believe I had "betrayed their trust" like last time. They tried to stop me but it didn't work. I got sent a dozen text messages saying "Don't do it!" from them, but I really wanted to. I wanted to finally fulfill the dream of years.

After the last day of school, I went with a friend to the shopping centre and went to the piercing salon. It was very good, Essential Beauty, in that they were careful and very friendly and they weren't dodgy like other places I'd heard about and feared. I didn't want to go to a tattooists because I would have been very intimidated. Essential Beauty was amazingly clean and professional.

There was a little bit of trouble with the booking, because I booked under an alias so that my parents wouldn't ring up and cancel. The people at Essential Beauty said they were going to not pierce me, but I had all the ID on me that I needed, and in the end they agreed to do it, because I hadn't done anything wrong, and I was above age.

My friend, who was supposed to be my moral support, did not want to take photos or film, which upset me a bit, so I went alone with the piercer into the room. He was very nice, and answered all my questions.

The piercer cleaned the area and got the needle and the jewellery ready. It was in a little box, but it must have been clean. I was a bit nervous and he told me to relax, which I couldn't do.

He told me to close my eyes, which I thought might sound weak or potentially risky, but that's what I did. I felt the needle enter and then go up through the skin, it pricked a bit but didn't hurt too much. The needle going in felt really good, but coming out was even more satisfying.

I don't exactly remember what happened next because everything just felt really good and is a blur. I do know that he cleaned everything well, and that I looked in the mirror and thought "This is brilliant!". It looked very good, though I'm a bit biased, because it's on me.

I was told to clean it twice a day with antiseptic, and not to touch it unnecessarily. I have purposly stayed very well away from it - for a week I didn't even touch that side of my face.

I can't wait to buy lots of different jewellery for my piercing. It has healed very well and there have been no problems, just don't sleep on it because it will hurt the first couple of nights. After a while you can touch it and it feels amazing having a bar in your face.

Because my school and workplace do not allow facial piercings, when I go there I have to have it covered with a piece of band-aid. This is alright - the first time a little bit of blood oozed out when I was trying to take the band-aid off, but since then it's been fine. If your school is like mine, then make sure you take the band-aid off very slowly!

I also have my earlobes pierced now, and I want to start stretching! I'm also planning on getting my nostril, nipples, bicep and achilles pierced in the near future, with many more to come later!

Piercings are cool, and even if your parents disagree, get them because they'll eventually come around! Don't worry about pain or anything, and if you clean it well and twice a day like you've been told, nothing will happen!

I hope you enjoy your new face as much as I - and my friends - are enjoying mine.

PS. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would actually do this and be on bmezine.com - but piercings do that to you!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: anonymous
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Location: Melbourne

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