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Lucky 13

Here I am, with a shitfaced grin, a bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol, a piercing needle, and an eyebrow ring. No, I am not drunk, the shitfaced grin is just in anticipation of what I am about to do.

I have brushed my teeth, drank a bunch of water, eaten, washed my whole face with rubbing alcohol, put the kid I was babysitting to bed, and sat here reading about the supraorbital nerve (the nerve that is the reason that countless web pages and people and such say don't pierce your eyebrow unless you're a trained professional, cause if you hit it, you could paralyze your face) and diy eyebrow piercings. Were all of the above necessary? No. I just wanted to prepare myself, and make myself feel clean and ready to do this shit.

Yes, my needle is hollow. And sterile. 16g. The jewelry is soaking in alcohol in the bathroom. Metal bar with plastic balls with gems, to match my other 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11..12..oh man this will be lucky number 13. Don't you hate it when people are like, "Oh my god, how many piercings do you have?" And I'm just like I don't know...I don't keep track. It's annoying. Anyhow. I really want to invest in an autoclave one of these days. I'd become a professonal piercer but it just doesn't pay enough, and I'm no artist so tattooing is out. I've pierced myself countless times before and have pierced others as well. I've used push pins, safety pins, sewing needles, and piercing studs. Even used a medical needle once (the kind you use to start an IV). I only recommend piercing needles because they really do make the healing process alot smoother. The last time I attempted to pierce my eyebrow, I was younger and it was with a safety pin. Stupid. Please, for the sake of yo ur eye, your eyebrow, your dignity (and possibly your lack of a tetanus shot), don't use a safely pin. It's not that difficult to buy the proper needles online, as I did. No, I do not have a clamp, but I know what I'm doing well enough to take my eyebrow in my own hands and do this. But I do not recommend it.

My friend mentioned piercing the other side of her lip to make snakebites tonight, and that put the idea into my head. I'd been craving some sort of healthy pain lately, and since I don't have the money for another tattoo, this is it. I've wondered how I'd look with an eyebrow piercing for awhile, and now I guess I'm gonna find out.

I've marked the entrance and exit spot with a pen. Yes technically it's recommended to use a sterile marking utensil, but I lack that and personally find it quite silly, and I am willing to risk whatever bacteria that is on that pen entering my eyebrow. I'm sweating, my chest hurts. No surprise, I always look back when I'm done and think, "Did I really just do that to myself?"

I did it. It didn't go as planned though. I must have thick eyebrows or something. I started pushing , and it didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would, not as bad as other piercings. Mainly any sort of cartlidge. Since I was pinching it with my fingers I didn't see exactly where it was going, but it came out just where I wanted it. Wonderful. Now what? Well, I lined up the jewelry with the needle and started pushing it through. It didn't fit perfectly into the end of the needle, mistsake number one. I got it to the end, and popped the needle out. Big mistake. I pushed and wiggled, but the end of the jewelry just wouldn't show through. It wasn't long enough. Great. So I take it out. Try number two. I think about putting a horseshoe in it instead since that one fits right into the end of the needle, but I have bad experiences with horseshoes and rejection. So I stick with the eyebrow ring. This time it's pierced two straight up and down. Pulled it out slightly, repositio ned it. Still not good enough, pulled it out slightly. Push through again. REAL GOOD WAY TO PISS OFF YOUR NEW PIERCING. Follow with the jewelry. It's barely long enough. Cleaned it up with peroxide. Why peroxide? I think I just wanted to hear it fizzle and shit so I knew it was clean. Have ice on it right now, but I'm afraid I may have to take it out and retry with a longer bar. Oh well. I tried! There you have it. I should have thought about this since I have a history of jewelry not being long enough on me. Clamps were advisable. Doing my nipples without clamps went just fine and are healed beautifully now but the eyebrow has less meat to grab onto.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Eyebrow Piercing

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