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Shopping around is always good!

The other day I went out in search of a good shop to get my inner conch punched here locally in Humboldt, California. I stopped at four shops around town and out of town, none of which would do the piercing because it is illegal here in California to use punch's. So I continued my search and finally found Primal Decor, the best shop in town. Here I ended up deciding on getting two anti-eyebrows since the punch was out of the question.

The shop was clean, well organized, a member of the APP, and all sterilization techniques were well observed. Jennifer my piercer spent a lot of time getting the placement perfect, I was really impressed when she asked all of her employees to come in and make sure they all thought the markings were correct. I estimate we spent around 30 or more minutes on making the marks. This was especially important to me since I have done almost all my piercings myself, aside from two lip rings and my bridge, both of which were placed improperly. After we had the marks perfected and I'm expecting her to break out the clamps, she did the piercing Free Hand which impressed me even more. First one was near painless, and actually was very relaxing. The second hurt a bit more but was probably just because I already had adrenaline pumping through my veins. Both of the piercings took less than 10 minutes.

Afterwards I got up and looked in the mirror with my fingers crossed. To my great excitement they looked exactly how I'd pictured them in my mind. I could not be happier with the whole experience. I felt really comfortable being in the shop and the vibe was really good. I gave Jennifer a hug, thanked her many many times, said farewell to everyone else in the shop and drove straight to the store to buy aftercare stuff. It took about 5 minutes for all pain to go away and there was not a bit of swelling. Though at this point I have not layed down to go to sleep yet.

The run-down Jennifer gave me on aftercare and the risks / possible complications that could come from surface piercings was very extensive. She even taught me the joy of using maxi-pads to soak piercings, they are much cheaper than buying gauze or paper towels and they last longer. She also introduced me to the small sterile packages of saline that you can buy from pharmacies for asthma machines. She told me to use only Satin or Provone soap (as is recommended by the APP,) to clean my piercing and really only needs to be cleaned once a day and soaked 1-2 times a day to prevent over cleaning and possibly irritating the piercing.

I told Jennifer of the trouble I had had with my two-lip rings even though I cleaned them with sterile saline 6+ times a day for about 6 months before I gave up on them because they wouldn't heal properly. She let me know that this was most likely because I was OVER cleaning the piercings and being too obsessive. I totally agree with her now, looking back... She warned me not to get my hopes up and that these sort of piercings (surface) often fail after a year or two. She told me that she had several surface piercings that looked fine until after a year or two and then they had to be removed. I must admit however, I do have my hopes up, it's hard not to when you are blessed with exactly what you wanted.

For many years I have been wanting to apprentice a good piercer, and if I had my choice I would pick no other than Jennifer for a teacher, her skill, dedication, and demeanor surpassed that of anyone else I have seen to date. I can not with good conscience recommend any other shop in town to get pierced. Though there are many tattoo shops that are decent.

The reason I wanted to get my anti-eyebrows done is because I like how it draws attention to my eyes, which I believe to be my best feature. At the store directly after I got pierced I noticed the effect it has on people, they look at the piercings, then look me in the eye. I like this very much. As with any healing piercing, I love how it makes you learn self-control and discipline. I have to chew slower, make sure not to smile too big, and I have to sleep on my back for a couple years until I feel comfortable that it's not going to get angry at me if I roll over onto it when im sleeping. This is really my only worry with the piercing. Other than of course getting into a fight which is always a worry for those with facial piercings. One decision I found difficult was whether to wear balls or discs. I prefer the aesthetic look of balls, but she said that discs would probably be easier to heal as it has less of a chance of getting bumped or pulled on. I'm very glad I did this because I have already had one encounter with a tree branch that would have most likely gotten caught on the piercing had I chosen to wear balls.

All-In-All I'm really glad that I took the time to look around at all of the shops before I decided. That is my advice to anyone reading this; Shop Around! Never settle for a second-class shop, there is probably one right down the road that is APP certified and is full of skilled piercers and tattoo artists. It is such a fast growing industry that no matter where you live, you should never have to settle for anything less than the best. As a last word, if you live in the Humboldt area, do not go to any other shop besides Primal Decor as that would be a mistake of massive proportions! Thank you for reading my experience and I hope you learned something new.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jeniffer
Studio: Primal+Decor
Location: Eureka%2C+California

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