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Horizontal bridge

I've always loved the look of a bridge piercing, but it was never one on my 'list'. I hadn't really considered that it could be for me, being such a prominent facial piercing. I have had a good number of piercings but nothing prominent facially; 18g nostrils are barely noticeable and a septum can be totally hidden – which is why this experience was a significant step for me.

I don't know what brought on the itch but one night I lay awake thinking about bridge piercings – and I started wondering whether it could be for me. By the time I fell asleep I had planned my trip into town to find out more. It felt like the natural thing to do.

The following morning I headed down to Thou Art in Sheffield, a place that I can't recommend highly enough – always friendly, incredibly skilled and professional. Kate had previously pierced my inner conch (painful) and septum at 2.4mm (not so painful) and I was grateful that she was working to answer my barrage of questions! As I had suspected, my bridge was not ideal to pierce, as the skin is quite tight across my nose. After quickly measuring up my face, Kate reckoned that a 10mm bar would probably be right for my anatomy.... and also let on that as a general guide (although by no means a hard and fast rule) 12mm+ length is desirable to maximise the chance of healing. This was no great surprise, but still a bit disappointing to hear. I spent a few minutes looking through the jewellery cabinets and mulled the idea over. Despite the less than perfect state of my face (ha) I decided that I would rather go for the piercing and try my best to heal it, watch it like a hawk, and at the first sign of migration accept that it had to come out. After all, even perfectly placed bridges can shift. If it didn't survive then at least I'd still had the experience – and if it did, added bonus! This might seem strange to some people, but I felt confident that I had enough experience of the piercing healing process to maximise my chances of success. Plus, I totally trust the guys at Thou Art.

Feeling happy that I had made an informed decision it was time for the paperwork...

We went through to the studio and I sat down on the bed feeling very excited, as Kate got out the bits and pieces. She dotted my bridge with ink and a cocktail stick, and asked me to look in the mirror; given my stupid nose, the best placement was quite high. After a couple of goes we agreed on a placement that looked about right. This measured up at 10mm exactly, so Kate took out a 12mm titanium barbell to allow for any swelling.

At this point she suggested I shut my eyes, as understandably it's common to flinch when you see a bit pointy needle coming at you! I felt the clamps on my bridge and braced myself as Kate lined up the needle... I barely felt it! It definitely has to rank as one of my least painful piercing experiences, I don't think I even said ouch, and I'm a big chicken really... I didn't even realise that the barbell was in until Kate was cleaning up my bridge (it only bled a tiny bit, not too bad). Looking in the mirror I was relieved to see that the initial 5mm balls didn't look ridiculously big on my face – in fact I loved it! I felt very proud of myself... After calming down a bit and going over the usual aftercare drill, I thanked Kate and headed home very happy indeed.

1 week later

So far so good. It did swell a little although not too noticeably or painfully. I've managed to avoid catching it so far, and over the last couple of days I have noticed it's looking a little less swollen. I have been doing SSS once a day and/or soaking under the shower, but generally trying to leave it alone as much as possible. Depending on how it gets on I may get the balls downsized next week if possible.

3 months on

So glad I decided to go through with this piercing. I went back to have the balls swapped after about 6 weeks, and now have 3mm balls on the original 12mm bar, which hasn't actually needed to be downsized. It has healed well; the left side is fractionally deeper but only to compensate for a slightly wonky nose - it sits as well as could be hoped. The side of the needle's exit hole has occasionally been a little red and raised, but even that has pretty much gone now.

I have absolutely no regrets, in fact every time I see it in the mirror I feel proud of myself (still) I think a few people were a bit shocked but I've had some really positive reactions too. It's been a happy suprise that there have been no signs of migration yet despite having a narrow nose - if you're thinking about it, find an experienced piercer and take a chance, it's worth it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Kate
Studio: Thou+Art
Location: Sheffield

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