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I Recommend; Eyebrow Piercing.

Okay so about 6 month back I was trying my best to persuade my mom and dad to let me get my tongue pierced. After weeks of moaning and pleading they finally gave in and said yes..

Take note that I am only THIRTEEN.

Anyway, more weeks past and I was on YouTube and Google searching questions that might tell me how much it hurt and how to look after it.

A few months past and after looking at everything to do with tongue piercings I eventually knew, how they did it, how to look after it, how to change it.. etc.

I was collecting money that I found around the house plus twenty pounds my mom owed me. The time came for me to get my piercing and I was so excited.

My dad took my into Manchester and gave me a lecture on like, there was no going back once I did it..

Obviously I wasn't listening I had my heart set on this piercing.

We finally got to Afflecks Palace and went on the second floor to Shiva Body Piercing.

There was a dude behind the counter playing a guitar, and we approached him.

After talking for a while I soon discovered that I couldn't get this piercing; they did not want to pierce me at such a young age with a big piercing like that because of the high risk of infection.

I went to one side of the room where they hang a pricelist on the wall. And I looked at what was cheapest, or closest to £25.

Towards the bottom I saw 'Eyebrow' and I thought that this could turn out nice. I asked the piercer and he looked at me as if to say no, but he reluctantly agree'd.

(It wasn't what I wanted but HEY! I was atleast getting a cool piercing, other than stupid earlobes).

My dad signed the consent form for me and decided he wanted his done too.. All together £40 (which wasn't to bad I thought, for two piercings).. The piercer walked into this room attached to the back wall and set everything up.

I was with my friend and dad at this point and desperatly wanted my father to go first. The piercer came out and heard me say that I was shitting myself, to my friend, Devon. He looked at me and asked me to follow him into this small, steralized room. With my dad laughing at me I walked into the room, the piercer asked me to sit on this bed/bench.. baring in mind I'm only 5''2' yes I had to stand on the shelf of this table next to me just to sit on the bed/bench.

The piercer then invited my friend into the room to watch, she stood by the side of my and held my hand.. I wasn't that nervous anymore, but I think she was more scared than I was.

The piercer started to pinch and pull at my brow' to see what kind of barbell I needed, we settled on a curved. He walked over the window where he kept a box of jewellery and picked out a shiney silver, segical metal barbell and placed it on a steralized table he had just wiped over with disinfectant and put a cloth on top. After that he went over to some kind of box that looked like a safe, that was placed on a bigger table, he opened it and it looked like a combination of a safe, fridge, and cupboard.

He told me that this was how they kept their needles clean. He took the needle out of the packaging and wiped my brow' with a wipe, I'm not sure what was on it, some sort of steralizing thing I suppose. Anyway, he then put the clamps on my everybrow after dotting it with a purple ink.

He asked me if it was fine and I agree'd. He put the clamps back on and rested the needle on one of the dots.. And pushed.

(My friend squeezed MY hand, isn't it supposed to be the other way around. She then told me how big the needle was and I laughed).

After sticking the needle through my skin the cut the top off it and placed the barbell in it's place and swaped them quickley, he fixed the ball ontop and DONE!..

(There was not alot of pain at all.. I'd rank it out of 10 as probably 2 - 3. But I do have a high pain threshold)..

He showed me my new piering in a small rounded mirror and I was please. He walked me out and handed me an aftercare sheet. Then he took my dad into the room and did the same thing, only my dad had a straight bar put in, not a curved.

Shortly after they both walked out and he gave my dad an aftercare sheet and told us if he had any problems to go back..

Almost three months later we still havn't had any trouble with them. Mine had healed within the 6 weeks holiday and I had no pain at all.. (To clean my eyebrow piercing I use hot water from the kettle and sea salt).

Then came school, I had to hide it. Instead of taking it out I went for a haircut and had a side fringe put in to cover my brow'. It's work I still havn't been caught and I love my piercing more than ever!

If you were considering this piercing I highly recommend it.. It's quick and the healing process isnt long at all. It looks amazing and it's easy to hide.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Can%27t+Remember+His+Name
Studio: Shiva+-+Afflecks+Palace.
Location: Manchester%2C+Northen+Quater

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