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My beautiful original, but cranky anti eyebrow.

For the longest time I was obsessed with anti eyebrow piercings. I saw one on BME when I was 13, I was young and wanted a lip piercing really bad, and saw a girl with an anti eyebrow piercing. I had NEVER seen them before and I thought it was gorgeous, very feminine, and best of all original. Now a days, when you are young and surrounded with teenage girls and dramatic boys, its hard to be original when they want all the attention.

My dad built a shop for a tattoo shop he used to work at before it caught fire, the damage was beyond repair, so my dad offered to help build the inside of a new house a couple blocks from the old one, with new dry wall, putting in walls flooring and everything they needed, and said they were forever in his debt. Seeing how badly I had wanted a lip piercing, he got Sarah, the piercer there to do it.She was hesitant because I was quite young, but my uncle convinced her.

After my lip piercing, I sat in the lobby flipping through magazines waiting for her to return with an aftercare sheet, I came across a BME Magazine with a large article on anti eyebrows. My love for them grew, but I never thought i'd ever get one.

For a while I was contented with my lip piercing, but day after day once I reached high school, I saw more and more young kids with foolishly DIY lip piercings, I no longer felt special. Me and a friend were sitting in class one day, now 15, we were discussing the most pretty piercings we have ever seen. She was going on about how much she like rooks, and hated bridges and septum (as do I, I don't really find them attractive) And I mentioned the anti eyebrow that I had forgot about.I got the typical reaction.. Ow, That would hurt! I don't see why people think it would be a painful piercing, its just skin after all, lip looks more painful.

For the next few weeks I couldn't stop thinking about it, I drew dots where it would be and went over all the reasons I shouldn't get it (Jobs, the fact I cant hide it or take it out, the non subtlety,rejection rate, etc) but I still wanted one. More weeks went by of searching stories on BME and thinking, and I asked my mom if we could make an appointment, She asked for what, I knew she would never let me get it done, but she would grow to like it so I said "Oh, just an eyebrow.."

we arrived at the shop on a tuesday and was greeted as usual("Hey, Its Daves girl! How are you? Hows Dave?") Sarah was already in the lobby chilling out with the receptionist, so we got to talking about a potential piercing. When I said anti eyebrow I noticed a slight smile cross her face before turning serious. She told me they almost NEVER stay for long (longest she had seen ever last was a chest piercing for 5 years) and I was a little let down, thinking I still had a chance. Regardless, I told her I still wanted to try it out. She explained all the risks and bruising and whatever else. I informed her I still wanted it. She said she would go show me what the jewelry looked like, meanwhile I talked to her apprentice who had a single dermal where an anti eyebrow would be.

Sarah came out and showed me a surface bar. I realized it wouldn't be done with a barbell, but the surface bar looked a little scary. She informed me that one was used for chest piercings and she would order a much smaller 14 gauge one. She booked me an appointment for friday and I skipped out happily

When friday came I rushed home from school and waited for my mom to come home. Before my lip piercing I remember shaking for hours waiting for my dad to come home, today I was strangely relaxed.. A tiny bit scared. My mom came home, and as we were driving down the street toward the shop I still wasn't nervous. I kept trying to get myself to realize I was about to be pierced (because I wanted to cope with it, so I didn't end up crying when I was on the table) but even as we pulled up to the neon windowed shop, I still wasn't scared. I walked In and Sarah was sitting in the lobby again and looked pretty excited and said she would go pull everything out of the autoclave while I waited. When the receptionist asked what piercing I was getting, I had to explain to him what it was, which made me excited that it wasn't very common, seeing as this was the busiest shop in my town.

Sarah came back in and gestured me towards the piercing room. I jumped up and followed her, while getting a little nervous, I kind of wished my mom was allowed back to hold my hand, I knew she wouldn't want to see anyway. I climbed up on the doctor-like piercing table while she showed me the jewelry, and we talked and laughed while a few tattoo artists came to watch from the door out of boredom.They asked if i was comfortable with them watching, and I said it was no problem. I told Sarah I wanted it to go kind of along the natural curve of my cheekbone, and she then marked in with ink, she made me close my eye while we joked about how awesome it would be for me to pay her $50 to poke me in the eye with a toothpick. I hopped off the table to look at the markings. She said she could move it a little but not much, but I told her I loved it how it was. My heart sank when she said Shit! I was driving to work and I thought, I never pinched you face! you know, to see if the skin is
thick enough. She did a few pinches, and said I had the perfect anatomy for the piercing. (YES!)

She then laid me down and clamped the area, which wasn't painful, just awkward. "Is that okay?" she asked. I replied "well seeing as I don't normally hold a clamp to my eye, its just about as comfortable as it can get" Everyone laughed. This has been the reason I wanted to come to work all day! One of the tattoo artist yelled HEY! "and to see Jeff." she added. "I have not done one of these in FOREVER, and I've only done one." The apprentice said she was excited for this, I noted I was as well and everyone laughed again.She picked up the needle and told me to breathe in, and by the time im finished exhaling it would be done. I immediately inhaled, and closed my eyes ( I didn't want to see the needle being shoved through skin toward my eye) And as I exhaled she slowly pushed it through. It was slower then my other piercings, because she had to be precise and keep the needle straight, but it was less painful then my lip piercing. I opened my eyes to see a shiny metal thing in m y face from the corner of my eye. I closed then again while she put in the jewelry, which kind of stung when she had to guide it through when in came to the corner.she cleaned it up and I looked in the mirror. It had swelled, and bruised a lot, but the actual piercing looked amazing. we payed her and tipped $20 as usual, at first my mom just shook her head, but after she got a good looked as it, she loved it. She even pulled me out of the car at Mcdonald's to show the cashier.

I religiously followed aftercare instructions as always, but after the first couple of days I noticed the skin in between was getting dry and extremely flaky. I panicked and thought the skin was dying in an attempt to reject so I went back to the shop right away. She said it was perfectly normal and gave me some cream for it, note I still looked like I got punched in the eye.It also took a while to get used to seeing something shiny out of the corner of my eye. A few weeks later the bruising was completely gone and it looked amazing, until a foolish boyfriend bumped it causing to to bleed for a few days, sending me running back to the shop, but everything is fine now, other then it becoming a little upset with my hair and accidental trauma.

Of course the first couple days of school some kid and his girlfriend tried to copy it right away self piercing, and it rejected leaving ugly scars, Which I couldn't help but smile about. so at the moment I love the fact im the only one with this piercing. and I love the shocked reactions I get from people.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Sarah
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Location: Ontario

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