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My Anti-Eyebrow

Last December I got really mad at my mother and decided to get a piercing, because I knew it would piss her off. I didn't want to get something typical or something that she'd like, like a nose piercing, so my friend suggested that i get my anti-eyebrow.

I researched it and decided that it was the one I wanted. I went to Transformations to get it done because people say they're really clean and good, but when I went they refused to give me my piercing. I wanted something really bad so I settled with my monroe. I had it for a week and a half or so but decided to take it out because it looked dumb and my mom didn't really care that I had it.

So on January 16 me and my friend went after school to Outer Rim to get my anti-eyebrow. As I went into the back room where they do piercings, I got very nervous all of a sudden. They sat me down on the bench and I had to fill out some forms, you know, the usual. They asked me what size gauge I wanted, and back then I knew nothing about sizes or anything so I just asked for the usual. I got a 16 gauge curved barbell with a diamond on one of the balls. He cleaned my face and my friend took my hand and told me to squeeze if it hurt. It hurt quite a bit, but I was afraid that if I squeezed it would hurt even more. A couple minutes later they said I could look in the mirror and I thought it looked great! Jesse, the apprentice, told me it looked "fucking awesome" and went with the angle of my eye perfectly. I was so proud of my first really bad ass piercing.

I had my anti-eyebrow for a few months with no problems, I cleaned it exactly how your supposed to and took great care of it. But in the middle of August it started to show signs of rejection, only 8 months after I got it. I took extra precautions and within a couple weeks it looked like it was getting better. Apparently its supposed to hurt A LOT when it rejects, but it didn't feel like anything, so I was skeptical of the fact that it was even rejecting. So I kept it in. I decided to get my smiley in May, and then in July I wanted my septum. The next month I pierced my frowny myself because the smiley looked weird with my septum. After paying more attention to my newer piercings, my anti-eyebrow got sort of raw and puss came out so I took it out for a day. I missed it so much that I put it back in at the end of the day. It looked better after that, I guess all I needed was to give it a break. People would say it was infected and looked like crap, but I know it didn't. It act ually looked quite good, since this one time my sister flipped me over and I landed on it and it bled. It healed quite nicely.

So now it's almost October and while my anti-eyebrow was slowly and painlessly rejecting, it didn't seem to be scarring. So when I went home to clean it before sleeping over at my friends house everything looked fine, right? Well, 5 minutes later when I got to her house I looked at it to find that it was gone. I panicked and we went and retraced our steps all the way back with flashlights and couldn't find it. It just disappeared, because I have no idea how it could have just fell out. So although it was rejecting and was only going to last a little bit longer, I'm still terribly sad about losing my first piercing...and my best one, too. I still have my septum, smiley and frowny but it seems empty without my anti-eyebrow.

I was thinking of getting my cheeks pierced, but now I just want my anti-eyebrow back. I was just wondering...does it hurt a lot to re-pierce over scar tissue? Even if it does I don't care. I'm getting it re-done after my next paycheck, along with stretching my septum, and I've always wanted to try stretching my ears. I just want to warn everyone that piercings are very addictive, and once you get one you have to get more.

Now when people see me they go,"awh! that was my favorite piercing!" I have to explain to them that it just disappeared. It was pretty scary. But now just because of that unfortunate episode I have to spend another $80 to get it redone. But it'll definitely be worth it. I love it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Damien
Studio: Black+and+Blue
Location: Nanaimo%2C+BC

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