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My long awaited eyebrow

The day had come I finally turned 18 which to me only meant one thing. I can get pierced without my parents! My mother had always had a huge objection to eyebrow and nose piercing. I never quite got a reason why. But I decided that I had wanted them long enough and making her mad was just a fringe benefit. After being burned by shops before on my snake bites I did my homework. I found a shop off several recommendation. I had heard great things about brooks work so the day after my birth day I went down to classic electric. 
I walked in and told him that I wanted my left eyebrow and my left nostril. He got my ID and had me fill out the paper work. We walked to his booth all the way at the end of the hall and he sat me down. He began to mark me and asked me "who did your lips?" I told him snake mans and he just said oh. The guy there would have use this response to bad mouth the other shop, brook didn't so I was likening him better already. He marked my nose and eyebrow and asked me to get up and check them. I took a good long look and said "that looks good to me!". 
I sat back down in the chair and he said "okay we are going to do your nose first then the eyebrow" I nodded. He unwrapped the first needle and said "okay deep breath in". I took in a big long gasp and I swear by the time I finished he was done and the jewelry was in. He gave me a paper towel for the little bit of blood which by the time he had unwrapped the second needle had stopped bleeding. He clamped it and said "take another deep breath" again little to no pain. My eyebrow barely bled at all. He told me to hope up and check them I liked my nostril but I loved the angel he did on my eyebrow. I looked at it for a few seconds and just told him "I'm love it thank you so much". He hoped off his stool and told me to follow him up for the after care. 
I went up he told me the standard 2-3 times daily with unscented soap and not to have any one touch, kiss, or lick it. I began to ask a few questions like what kind of soap he recommended. He said any kind really but soft soap brand is cheap and you can get it at CVS. I asked a few more stupid questions that he was happy to answer and I was on my way. With the printed copy of these instructions in hand.  
I was very good about cleaning them but a few days after ward I started getting a small bubble on top of my eyebrow. I assumed it was a small pimple because that's what it looked like and popped it. The small "pimple" kept coming back and I just kept popping it think it was just an odd outbreak of acne. Then it started getting bigger around the top of the hole that when realized it was related to the piercing. Being the genius that I was I decided "oh its just a little puss I'll just lace it". I laced it with a safety pin I found in my room and then ignoring everything in the after care cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide. I did this for a few days and it stopped developing the bubble. But it looked bad my friend where coming up to me asking if I had hit it or something. Or as some of them so eloquently put it "dude your eyebrow looks fucked up!".  
I realized I had make a mistake when I had to go get both of them reopened (completely different story). He got my nostril through no issue but he had a hell of a time getting my eyebrow back open. He even asked if I had hit it I said no because I hadn't hit it at all. Then later on when I found sites like BME and realized the peroxide was the reason . Fortunately the swelling and the redness went away for the most part. My eyebrow is still very red to this day (2 years later) because of the extra scare tissue I created. I did things right for the most part this time I just thought I knew more than I did. Don't get me wrong is still love the piercing and kept it to spite the redness. And my nose oddly enough healed up just fine no issues. It got a small hard bump on it but the went away with little to no issue.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: brook
Studio: classic+electric
Location: frederick%2C+MD

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