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My First Piercing

 Ever since I was thirteen, I had a strong desire to get my eyebrow pierced. All the people I noticed with this piercing really seemed to stand out in my mind. The piercing gave them a sense of individuality, in my eyes. I never thought to even bother asking my parents at this age, because I knew their answer would be 'no'.

After letting a year or two go by, I finally decided to try asking. Of course their answer was 'no', but I never gave it up. I continuously asked and begged, daily, until one day my mom finally agreed. We were on vacation in Florida, so of course she was in a good mood. It took a week or so to get my dad to agree, but he finally gave up trying to talk my mom and me out of it. Since we were on vacation, we didn't have my birth certificate with us, so I had to wait until we got back home.

Once home, I called Ink Wizard to see exactly how much the piercing would be- 57 dollars including H2Ocean, a cleaning spray used 2 to 5 times a day to help heal your new piercing. I did all my research to see what was going to happen during the healing process and what I should do to take care of it. I recommend that anyone interested in the piercing should also do their research, because I've heard some pretty bad stories of piercings gone wrong, leading to infection.

On July 7th, I called my girlfriend and my best friend to ask them to go with me. My mom and I picked them up on the way, and we rode to Ink Wizard. This was the time when I was most nervous. I kept freaking out and each time my mom would ask, "Are you sure you want it?" and of course my answer was 'yes'. We finally got there and I filled out the paperwork for a minor, while my mom filled out the rest of it. By this time, I was no longer nervous.

I went back to the room where they do the piercings, and my piercer didn't say anything about the people I brought with me. My friend, girlfriend and mom followed half way back the hall and watched the process from there. I sat down on the chair and started to become nervous again. The person doing my eyebrow was the manager of the shop, so I wasn't really worried. He began to clean my eyebrow and then marked my eyebrow with a marker. I closed my eyes, thinking that I was about to go through a lot of pain. I was expecting a clamp, but lucky for me, he did the piercing freehand. "Alright!" said my piercer, "That was it. Now I just have to put the jewelry in." I didn't even notice that the needle had gone through. There was absolutely no pain at all. I was extremely surprised.

I had not yet opened my eyes, because I knew I had a big needle sticking out of my face. I could feel the piercer, Rick, get closer and I felt a cold piece of metal go through my eyebrow. It didn't hurt at all. I was relieved that I was almost done. I couldn't wait to see my piercing. Rick then started to screw the ball onto the end of my barbell. This took about five minutes, because it can sometimes be hard to line up the threads in the ball with the threads on the barbell. I completely understood, and was not at all frustrated. Another artist came into the room to help Rick with the ball and it wasn't even 20 seconds until I was done. I was so excited. The piercer told me all the aftercare instructions and told me if I had any questions to feel free to call the shop.

My friend and girlfriend liked my new piercing, but said it was going to take a while to get used to it. Now, its been about 6 months since I got the piercing and I'm planning on getting a surface tragus piercing in a month or so as a Christmas present from my girlfriend. I'll have to admit that getting piercings is very addicting. Since my eyebrow, I've started stretching my ears, i have a strong desire to get my tongue pierced, and I'm definitely getting a surface tragus next month, and I don't plan on taking any of them out anytime soon.

I recommend that anyone who wants this piercing to stop holding back, and go get it! It doesn't hurt at all, and you'll definitely be thankful that you did it. Make sure you do your research, and find and piercer that you can trust. Happy Piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Rick
Studio: Ink+Wizard
Location: Stockbridge%2C+GA

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