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Lovely eyebrow piercing

My friend Vicky has wanted to be a piercer for as long as I could remember. Back in 8th grade she started piercing herself. Over the years she started piercing more and more people. She then went on to pierce her friends. One of those friends happen to be me.

One day Vicky came over and like any other time, we end up getting a piercing. We were thinking about it and she decided she wanted her eyebrow pierced.

We weren't completely stupid with it. We did sterilize the needle and the rings with rubbing alcohol. Piercing yourself is not the best. You shouldn't try it.

First she decided to have hers done. My friend Larry had to push the needle in for her because she could not do it. It is weird seeing him do piercings because he gets so nervous about it. He made her hold her eyebrow and he shoved the needle in. It was surprising how he did it so well. The ring looked really well on her. Though after this piercing. Vicky also wanted her smiley done. That part wasn't that bad. We used some numbing ointment and Larry went to pierce her. At first he did it wrong, jamming it into her gums some, but then he got it right.

Then Vicky went over and marked my eyebrow. I looked in the mirror and thought it didn't look good at all. I wanted something changed about me. I looked and decided I first wanted my eyebrows plucked. I thought that if my eyebrows were smaller, the ring would look better on me. So then I proceeded to lay down on the bed and Vicky got on top of me and started ripping out my little hairs one by one. I think getting my eyebrows plucked was worse than getting a piercing. After about 20 minutes of ripping my hairs out and my eyebrows being swollen, we were ready.

Now it's my turn. Now i know not to have any real piercings done non professionally. I was scared to have it done at first. But the want outweighed the fear. I had Larry hold my hand while Vicky grabbed my eyebrow. I was afraid to have this done at this point because I knew the swelling was not going to help it. I thought for sure that it was going to hurt so badly piercing through swollen flesh. But I closed my eyes because I could not see it happening. I felt her push the needle through. i squeezed Larry's hand some but that was it. She had the needle hanging in my eyebrow for a bit and then she put the ring through. Then she wiped it with rubbing alcohol. A tiny bit later I felt something running down my eye and thought it was the rubbing alcohol. I wiped it away and looked at my fingers and saw that it was blood. I was always a bleeder when it came to piercings.

Now that me and Vicky were done, we had Larry's to do. Now piercing Larry is like trying to find the hay in the needle stack. It's impossible to do. He loves piercings. He wants them but actually piercing him is so hard.

When Vicky went to go pierce him, he would jerk away over and over. We have tried holding his hands down and stuff so many times. After about 20 minutes we were about to give up. He kept on saying "Ok, do it" but when we'd try he'd freak.

But finally, he said he was ready, and Vicky actually did it. He looked so pissed sitting there with the needle in his eyebrow. I had to take a couple pictures to bookmark the occasion. Vicky then pulled the needle out and put a ring in.

Later though, Vicky had to change the ring in his eyebrow because the ball wouldn't go in. We ended up putting in a larger ring because the ball was also bigger and was easier to get on. Larry was so scared to even touch it at first.

After a while Larry got used to having his piercing. I got used to having mine too. It's been about a month now since we've both had them and they're doing ok. We clean them every day and they are taking a while to heal, but i'm sure they'll be fine. I love having my eyebrow pierced. I would recommend it to anyone. But make sure you have it professionally done. There's less of a risk of doing anything wrong.

When piercing each other we did screw up. Like with Vicky's smiley we could have really hurt her. We are aware that what we are doing isn't professional, and we are ok with that. You should not depend on your friends to give you a piercing. Not everyone is cut out for it. Vicky knows what she is doing when she does stuff. We are all happy with how our piercings turned out. If you want a piercing, please get it professionally done.


submitted by: Moosetracks01
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Vicky
Studio: House
Location: Michigan

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