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Excellent first time experience - Eyebrow piercing.

I went to have my eyebrow pierced in Manchester the day before my fifteenth birthday. To make sure I got it done, and to save trouble and arguing (probably ending up with me getting kicked out because I can be pretty violent) I took my mum. I warn you, "Holier than thou," another piercing studio in the centre of Manchester, do not pierce under sixteens due to company policy, its not illegal they just like to be awkward. So, because of this, I had to walk to Afflecks Palace around the corner.

I had looked up videos of people getting the piercing done and I was still nervous about the whole experience but when I got there the guy was very nice, I didn't catch his name. He was pretty blaze about me being so young, probably because I had my mum with me. I waited about 10 minutes while he cleaned the room, it kinda unnerved me but he seemed to be doing a thourough job. I began to feel sick as he got near to the end, but it was just nerves, I feel pretty stupid now.

I had my left eyebrow pierced, just under my fringe, my skin was pretty greasy and its a good job i had no make up on and I washed my face just before coming out because he didn't clean the skin around my eyebrow before hand. I didn't notice until afterwards bit it still shocked me. I noticed everything else was clean and sterile, from the equipment to the bar, which were all kept away in plastic bags. They had a yellow regulation sharps bin within easy reach which made me feel a little queasy, suprisingly I don't like jabs.

The procedure was quite quick and easy, I had my eyes closed so had to guess what stages he was up to through feel alone and the sounds of my mum looking away because he didn't talk to me much. It hurt a bit when the needle went through my skin, and then again when he threaded the jewellrey through after it. I could feel the cold bar because my eyebrow was burning a bit. The first ball he used was faulty so he had to fetch another. It hurt cause he had to tug because the first one stuck a bit.

When you get pierced your blood sugar is ment to drop and this makes you feel dizzy, some people have no trouble but I felt faint. He was really nice about it and let me lay down on the bench for a while (the procedure was carried out with me sitting up). After a few minutes he moved me to the waiting room (probably because of the queue, theres only one piercing room and piercist avaliable at any one time) with the window wide open to let me get some air. If you want to avoid it altogether I would take some lucozade or glucoze tablets if you know you are a wuss like me. Overall it was an ok experience, dispite my disgust that he hadn't cleaned my eyebrow before hand and that he wasn't talkative. But its got me wanting more done and until I'm 16 I will deffinatley be going to Skinvasion, then I'm going to swap to Holier than Thou.

My hair kept irritating the piercing and t-shirts thended to catch on it so I warn you, be careful with it, I got told that even a gentle nudge can start migration/rejection (though it never happened to me). I would be careful with hair brushes and trips to the hairdressers too, they are very ignorant of them and they nearly pulled it out.

The swelling went down after about 3 days and I cleaned the piercing about twice with salt water then forgot about it. I would advise you to clean it everyday, with salt water not an alcohol based product because it dries out the skin, because mine did get infected for a little while but it was soon healed due to antibiotics I was taking for something else, an ear infection to be precise.

After a month of the piercing being in I had to switch it for a clear bar because my school were being funny about it. I chage the bar to metal as soon as I get home from school, the plastic tends to irritate and it is a little small, and I have been doing that for 5 months with no problems.

It as my first facial piercing and it has been a joy to have, anything that causes me as little pain as possible is best and this one has been absolutley fine with no major complications.

Thanks! If you want anymore information please feel free to email me any questions,



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Unknown
Studio: Skinvasion%2C+Afflecks+Palace
Location: Manchester

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