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A second try at my eyebrow

I have wanted my eyebrow pierced since I was in 5th grade approximately but my parents are very anti-body modification. Of course my mom is the one who introduced me to piercings by letting me get my ears pierced when I turned 10 because that's what every other girl I knew was doing but little did she know it would become somewhat of an addiction. Until very recently I had stuck with ear piercings because I could hide them easily from my family and even when my parents found out about them I could keep them covered by wearing my hair down. But with 8 in one ear and 7 in the other I'm kinda running out of room.

I had been going out with a guy who pretended not to mind piercing but I knew they bothered him so I had only done one new piercing while we were together but when we broke up I decided it was finally time to get my beloved eyebrow piercing. 

After my parents went to sleep one night I took a safety pin that was big enough to accommodate for swelling and pushed it through my eyebrow top to bottom. Bottom to top would probably have been safer but it was much easier to push down. It took maybe a minute at the most to get it all the way through but since safety pins are smaller at the tip it was difficult to get it in far enough out to close it. Using a little neosporin I managed to get the pin all the way in and close it. I have a huge pain tolerance and the adrenaline rush from the excitement of a new piercing helps so it didn't hurt much. I covered my face with my hair the next morning so my parents wouldn't see it. 

After my parents left for work I tried to get jewelry in. This is where the problems started. Safety pins are about 18g so I took the piece that goes in your ear off a chandelier earring and unbent it. I took out the safety pin and tried to put in the earring from the top. It went almost all the way through enough that i could see it under my skin on the bottom but I absolutely could not get it to come out. So I took it out and tried starting at the bottom. It went about half way in and stopped. After working at it for a while I gave up and decided I would take a break then come back to it later. After doing that multiple breaks and many many tries I gave up for good. But I still wanted that eyebrow piercing. 

On Thursday night (two days ago) I got out my safety pin. This time I was going to make it work not matter what. My placement had been perfect last but I couldn't put it in the same place because it probably wasn't quite healed yet so I kept it in the same place horizontally but higher so instead of my eyebrow being almost centered between the two holes the bottom is a lot closer to my eyebrow than the top one. Again I hid my face with my hair and went to school. At school almost everyone I passed gave me a weird look and a "did that hurt?!". A few people were just plain disgusted and tried not to look at me while talking.  

After school I went to Chameleon Tattoo and Piercing in Harvard Square with one of my friends. (I would highly recommend Chameleon to anyone in the Boston area. Everyone there is extremely nice and it's a generally good environment although it can be expensive.) I went in and pointed at my eyebrow and said "I have a problem" I then explained to the woman behind the counter what I had done. One of the piercers (Owen) was eating lunch so he asked me to wait a few minutes and "think about what I had done." After looking at it Owen told me he was going to put in a 18g CBR. I had been hoping for a barbell but they don't come small enough. It took him 10 to 15 minutes to get the CBR in. It didn't hurt much but I imagine for people with less pain tolerance it would be quite painful. It had bled a bit but not too much while getting the CBR in and it had swollen a bit. Owen warmed me that there would probably be bruising and more swelling but so far it hasn't been a problem. He also

told me that I would have to baby it for a while. When I woke up today it was a bit swollen but much less than I was expecting. I did a salt water soak which involved getting a lot of salt in my eye but the piercing is looking very good considering all its been through.

In four to six weeks depending on how fast and well it heals I'm going back to Chameleon to get a barbell put in.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Owen
Studio: Chameleon
Location: Cambridge+MA

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