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My First Body Piercing Experience

I have loved piercings for as long as I could remember. My mom was very much into metal, and she always had me around pierced and tattooed people. It was common and not shocking for me to see SOMEONE with some sort of body modification. I could never decide which one I wanted first, but on a spontaneous whim, I decided that I really truly wanted an eyebrow piercing.

I began my quest to find a quality piercer, because that sort of thing should NEVER EVER be rushed. It was important that I found a quality piercer that would not cause my face to fall off due to some nasty infection.

A good friend recommended that I go see her piercer. He had been piercing her body for a few years, and his own for many more. I was still cautious, but Karen had some gorgeous body mods that all healed considerably well, I was impressed.

I went to check the guys Myspace page, since you know, everyone has one these days. I sent him a quick message asking about the cost of the piercing, the procedure, the cleanliness of the place, and all that jazz. My eyebrow would only cost $20, and everything else was very reasonably priced. I couldn't believe that it was only going to be $20!

I told my mom, and she agreed. The weeks before the piercing procedure, I was incredibly anxious, nervous, and considered not getting it done. I was scared, because I had never had anything done before except 4 ear holes WITH A GUN. (Guns are terrible by the way). Pain was something I was concerned with, but everyone assured me that it wasn't a big deal, at all.

I was beyond excited on piercing day, and I took the day off of school to get it done. We drove 20 minutes to the place, and I walked in like a nervous little kid. I felt strange in there, but the people were super friendly. I noticed that it was also incredibly clean, and they had tons of interesting things on the walls and in the rooms.

My piercer, scooter, was incredibly friendly. I told him who I was, and he recognized me as "That little girl from Myspace". Well, gee. Anyway, he sat me down and lectured me for a good 30 minutes about the piercing. He also discussed other piercings with me, and the pain factor. He also said that if I was so concerned about pain, it probably wasn't for me. He said they all hurt to some degree, but its an enjoyable experience overall.

I was a total baby, and held my moms hand while he marked the area, and then cleaned it. (But he asked if I was allergic to anything first.) He slipped on the scary gloves, and got all of the materials out of fresh clean wrappers. I could literally smell the sterility of the place, you know, the way a clean hospital smells. I took that as a good sign though, who wants to get something done in a grungy place? Not me.

He told me to close my eyes, and take a deep breath. I felt like I was doing yoga, seriously. But by the time he told me open them again, it was over. I was absolutely amazed that I didn't even feel anything at all. I was like, "That's it?" Apparently it was. The needle was in, jewelry through, and captive bead held in place all within 20 seconds. I was impressed at the speed.

It didn't hurt. Not one tiny bit. Now, on the ride home it was sore, kind of like after getting a serious shot, but above your eye. It wasn't unbearable. It was red, and bit puffy, but still absolutely gorgeous. I was impressed. And happy.

Unfortunately, I went to a super conservative high school, and they did not allow piercings of any sort. I had to keep it hidden behind my wall of hair, which was also difficult. I wanted to show it off. Let everyone see the beauty that is an eyebrow piercing.

Needless to say, hair has oil. Oil infects piercings. I cleaned it 3 times a day or more with a sea salt spray, it still got infected because of my hair, and sweat. Let me tell you, if you are a sweaty type of person, you will not do well with an eyebrow piercing. Sweat, and hair makes it really difficult unless you keep both away.

I ended up becoming home schooled, and I spent hours healing my eyebrow piercing. I was a lucky one, most people that get a surface piercing infected have to deal with the skin rejecting it, or the piercing becoming embedded. It wasn't pretty for awhile, but with sea salt, and keeping my hair AWAY from my face at all costs, it healed up very nicely. All within 4 months. Sadly, with great remorse, I had to remove my eyebrow ring when I got a job at Target. Even sadder, I quit that job at target 3 days later because it sucked.

So let my story be a lesson to everyone. Eyebrow piercings don't hurt. Hair oil and sweat infect it. Schools and jobs that have conservative views are not worth your time if you are a piercing and tattoo lover. Honestly, you should never give up a love for something just for a crappy corporate soul sucker.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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