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One Of The Best Things I've Ever Done

Ever since I was about fifteen years old, I knew I wanted to get a piercing. At that time, it didn't matter what kind of piercing it was. I simply wanted it. I approached my friends with the subject of getting my eyebrow pierced. Promptly, and without hesitation it seemed, they said it wouldn't look good on me. Turned off of the idea, I played around with the notion of piercing my belly button.

Well, needless to say that never happened. Parental interference, friends having bad experiences, and an honest fear over the pain and procedure stopped me from going through with it. I never did stop wanting that eyebrow piercing, though; it was always a thought that stuck in the back of my mind.

I started working a full time, good paying job this summer for my brother. It was in a small town, and I was finally starting to feel independent when it came to my life. I told myself one evening, "This August, I am going to finally pierce my eyebrow." It had been decided. I chose August for many reasons: a) I'd be with my mom then and she wouldn't have anything against it happening; b) all my friends live in the same city as my mom, and I wanted to have them there to experience it with me; and c) in September I was heading to university, and I wanted to do something special that was just for me.

I prepared myself for it for weeks. I looked up everything I could find online, from pages outlining how the piercing would be done to the experiences people have had (I spent a lot of time on www.bmezine.com). I watched videos of people who'd gone through it, and, most importantly, I asked around. A lot of my friends have been pierced at one time or another, and their knowledge was important to me. It didn't take long for me to feel completely prepared and even more confident with my decision.

One Monday in early August, I got to Vernon. The Tuesday after I went straight to the place that had been most recommended to me. Unfortunately, they were out of jewelry for the piercing and said it should be in by the end of the week. That was perfect, because I was leaving in a week. They took my phone number and I walked away happily. By the time Friday came around, I hadn't been called back. I was starting to worry. I phoned the shop, and they said the jewelry wouldn't be in until the next week now.

Well. Damn. My last resource was a girl who used to be a good friend of mine back in high school. I knew that if anyone knew their stuff, it would be her, and she easily recommended Alchemy.

On Saturday I went downtown. I was friendless, parentless, excited and nervous. As I walked by Alchemy there were people outside, and I was too afraid to go in so I walked right by. Another lap around the block, and I stopped in an empty parking lot, took out my phone, and called the shop. It was the most awkward phone call of my life, but we set up an appointment for 3 pm that afternoon. That gave me an hour and a half to kill.

It was about then that my stomach started turning. All of my energy was turning into anxiety, causing me to feel literally sick to my stomach. I sat down at a coffee shop and slowly, methodically, ate a bagel and sipped at my mocha until I couldn't stomach anymore. As I walked back to Alchemy, my heart rate flared up. My mouth was getting dry, I was shaking, and my breathing became much heavier and labored. I can still remember vividly thinking that I didn't have to go, I could just go home and no one would know the difference. No, I told myself, you'll regret it. And, honestly? I think I would've.

From the moment I stepped into the shop, J.P. was amazing. I felt myself relaxing more and more as each minute passed. Feeling embarrassed, I told him it was my first piercing apart from my ears. "Those still count!" he told me. He sat down and went through everything very clearly and thoroughly with me. He explained how and why eyebrows are pierced the way they are, the differences between various piercings, and how to care for it afterwards. My favorite part of the explanation was when he told me why he chose the size of my piercing. His knowledge and genuine consideration was so appreciated on my part, I don't think he really knew just how much he was helping me feel great about doing this.

I sat down and watched him get everything ready, and he started asking me things about myself. Where I'm from, what I like to do – casual conversation like we were already friends. In between that, he would explain more about why he was doing certain things before the piercing. He was even able to tell me where to go to for help with my piercing once I moved! When the time came, he cleansed my eyebrow and made the dots to show placement. It was perfect. I lied back, and shut my eyes, so I didn't see anything. I just heard what he was saying.

"We're going to inhale and exhale, together, on one-two. On three, it'll be done." I nodded. He said there'd be a slight pinch, maybe ten seconds at the most, and it was natural to tear up so I shouldn't worry. One, we inhaled. Two, we exhaled. Three, I inhaled and I barely felt a thing. We were done. I was so completely shocked. It was less painful than getting my ears pierced! Once again, I was shaking, but this time with excitement. J.P. handed me a mirror, and it looked incredible. I couldn't stop showing it off to anyone. I was so pleased with myself that I'd gone through with it, and so thankful I chose to go to Alchemy.

Caring for it is a breeze because of how J.P. outlined it for me. My eyebrow's healed now, looking better than ever. There weren't even any problems during the healing: no infections, migrations, pain – no anything. The worst part was the bruising, which stuck around for a few weeks. I can honestly say, though, that getting my eyebrow pierced was one of the best things I've ever done. I'd recommend J.P. and Alchemy to anyone at any time. In fact, the entire experience has helped me decide to get my other eyebrow pierced as well.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: J.P.
Studio: Alchemy+Body+Piercing
Location: Vernon%2C+BC%2C+Canada

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