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Is it in yet?

About a month ago I had like a emotional shut down over random crap, and I decided that I'm getting something pierced. Dropped by a local place and asked if lips with braces were a good idea. Cool guy, he said he had braces and it didn't work good. He went on to recommend the eyebrow, and he's like here's the paper work you need. A paper to get signed by your parents, have it notarized, copy of both peoples License/ID, and then come back when your ready. Okay, go home and talk to the parents about it.

Mum is like no tonque cause it's nasty, lips can leave bad scars, stretch your ears and you sleep outside, nose can cause bad infections... She didn't say anything about the eyebrow, so hey... My dad's girl friend has like 10 piercings, so he accepted it and he's like okay...

So, I've been waiting about two weeks to do this, and finally got it done about three hours ago. I wasn't really anxious or nervous, just kinda wanted to get it over with so I could whore it out to all my friends.

Some of my friends said that I should get a ring, but after looking around on here and online, I decided to go with a barbell. It's more subtle, and the mom doesn't know that I had planned on getting it done. The barbell is more subtle and stands out less, and I'm around somewhat conservative people so that's important. I also think it looks better.

The shop is called "Rock-A-Billy 2" and it's clean. Seperate area in the back for piercings, rooms upstairs for tattoos. Really friendly people, they explain everything. They didn't act tough or anything, just down to earth people.

We paid, went to the back. Saw the guy prep everything, very nicely done. Dad's a doctor, so he's a bit OCD about stuff, and it passed in his books. The guy that did it was Neil, he talked about what happens, the nerve you can hit, possibe things, placement, cleaning, no stupid questions and so on. He also asked barbell or ring, and went on to explain that the barbell requires slightly more maintnence and cleaning, but it shouldn't be a big deal.

For those that are nervous about it, don't be. Worst part so far is the cleaning, and I managed to get some soap in my eye. That's the thing that hurt the most, so kids, close your eyes when you do this. It's a bit tender to touch and feels wierd when cleaning, but it's do able. I don't really get the whole put soap on it and move it around, becuase I can't really move it, the area is a bit swollen.

So he proceeds to clean it very carefully, feel the area for blood vessels to make sure it will clear and not bleed too much. He marks it up and asks if it's placed good. I like it and I'm like it's cool.

Then he's like lay down and I'll do it. I honestly did not feel him clamp it, and hardly the needle go through. I have four screws in my jaw and I've had a few teeth pulled, so maybe I'm just though. Who knows, everyone is different.

He's like breathe in and breathe out. Don't feel it go through the first layer, felt it break through the second layer. It was like a light pinch, nothing big. Didn't feel much else, not even the jewelry go through. I was almost on the verge of asking him if he put the jewelry in yet, becuase I felt nothing. Just a bit of movement here and there and the shadows under the light moving around..

It kinda reminds me of getting my braces adjusted. You see that people are doing stuff, and there are a few random feelings, but you just learn to focus on something or fade away. They had a good mix of music playing, so I kinda spaced out and listened to that.

He said I bleed alittle, but much less than most people. He cleaned it up, nice a professional, tightened the balls and asked me to sit up, but slowly. I felt a bit dizzy, but I always do. (I'm 6'4", so when I stand up suddenly, I pass out...)... He's like here's how you take care of it, here's my card, have a good day...

As far a s pain goes, it hurts less than getting your ear pierced. Much less. It was a bit sore afterwards, but that went away. I see the end of the barbell through the corner of my eye, and it feels like I've been crying, but that went away too.

However, if I raise my eyebrows randomly and too fast, I feel that and hesistate. It doesn't really hurt, it's just like hey, that was wierd. I can occasionally feel the blood pulse by it and the skin feels a bit tight, but it's not bad.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Neil
Studio: Rock-A-Billy+II
Location: Ft.+Luaderdale%2C+Florida

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