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"Well what else can I do![for my bridge]"

Ever since I got my first piercing, I've always wanted something not many people have. Living in a somewhat country town, there were a lot of things nobody had. Then suddenly a lot of kids started popping up with septum and lip piercings. It didn't bother me that much, that I didn't have something nobody else did, but I still wanted something else.

I'd been leaning towards a bridge piercing, but as I have a very flat nose I wasn't sure if it would work out alright. Months later I began to get that itch that a lot of people tend to get. I needed a new piercing. Right now. So I decided to take my chances and get my bridge pierced. I got my mother to ring up and make an appointment at a salon that a few people I know have been to. I was extremely nervous on the trip there, after looking at some videos of people getting their bridge pierced. We got there and I had to sign a consent form with my mother. Afterwards the piercer came out to get me. I think his name was Peter, but I'm not sure. He got me to sit up on the bed thing they had in the small room, covered with photos of piercings they've done. He marked me face and told me to check it out in the mirror behind me. It took a little while to get it to what we both thought was straight before he got me to lie down on the bed. I asked if there would be blood that would run into my eyes and he laughed and said no.

He got the tools out and clamped my bridge. I began to breath slower to help calm me. "Nervous?" He asked.
I nodded and laughed a little. He lined up the needle and told me to breathe in and out. I expected a big pain like my friend experienced with her eyebrow piercing. But there was none. He put the jewelery through and I went to look in the mirror. He stopped me. "I get to look at it first!" He said. I huffed and he looked at it, moving the barbell a little. He let me look in the mirror and I smiled. It looked great! I shook his hand before leaving. My face throbbed a little on the trip home.

When I got home I couldn't stop looking at it! But then I realised it was crooked. Very crooked. I probably wouldn't have been bothered by it but noticeable from meters away. Probably so because of how I wore my make-up that day, the 'cat-eye' thing. I kept pressing on one side for a day or two in hopes it would move, but I just gave up and took it out. I called up the place and they said I could come back in a couple of weeks for a free re-pierce. I was upset that I would have to wait until school started to get it again. But I went back for my appointment after school. The piercer that knew how to do bridge piercings was home sick. That made me a little cautious of the place. Why wouldn't a piercer know how to do a piercing? Anyhow we went back the next day and I was looking forward to see my friends, and then my piercer Peter, but instead it was a girl called Laura or Lauren.. something along those lines. She didn't make me feel comfortable and she seemed to not care about me at all. I wasn't happy, but I let her do the piercing anyway. She placed the dots and I still wasn't happy with the placement. "Well I just moved the lower side up. What else can I do!" She said. I rolled my eyes and shrugged. Then the phone rang so she went to get it, and then picked up a pen to write something down. I watched her come back in the room, expecting her to change her gloves. She didn't and I was, at that point, disgusted with the shop. She made me lie down and she then pierced me. I looked at it in the mirror and nodded, not even smiling. She told me I could leave and so I did, without looking back.

It's now about 2-3 months old and doing fine. I clean it everyday and use sea salt soaks often. It's still a bit crusty and pissy most days, but that's fine. It looks fine with my flat bridge and there are no signs of rejection or migration just yet, although I won't be surprised if/when it does start. It's still crooked, not as much as last time, but still crooked. Next time I go for a piercing I'm going to make sure that I'm totally comfortable beforehand or else I'll just leave. I'd rather be comfortable and get a crooked piercing than be treated bad and get a better one, to be honest.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Location: Knox+City%2C+Wantirna+South%2C+Victoria%2C+AU

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