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The best piercing ever!

My mom says that I don't think before I put holes in my body but I really do. I was thinking about getting an eyebrow ring for a very long time. When I was younger I thought eyebrow rings were mostly a guy thing. I didn't think they suited girls. A couple weeks ago my coworker got an eyebrow ring and a Monroe piercing. I was so surprised by how good they both looked on her that I decided I wanted an eyebrow ring of my own. I looked up eyebrow piercings on the internet for days, looking at all the risks and the pain factor. I learned that eyebrow piercings are one of the easiest facial piercings and that made me happy. The one problem was I had no idea where to get it done.

I was a little apprehensive making my way to the studio because I had never been there before. I used to go to longhorn in Oshawa back in the day for all of my piercings they used to be really good, I got my belly button done there, my cartridge and my first nose piercing but since they have been shut down because of health and safety issues I have been looking for a good studio.

I recently got my nose pierced at Wild Ink and the woman that pierced me was either really bad at customer service or in a bad mood. She was rude to me and my frightened sister AND she did not offer up any aftercare or healing information until I asked her specifically and she seemed annoyed that I was even asking!! So although the price was right, cheapest place in oshawa for all piercings I was not about to get another piercing at wild ink.

A friend told me about solitary studios and I also looked the studio up on the web. They list all of the prices for their piercings which is also great! :).

I walked in to the studio yesterday and asked if I could get my eyebrow pierced and the woman at the counter, who turned out to be my piercer, said yes and I filled out the standard sheet. The studio itself looked very nice. Unlike other studios I've been to there was several rooms instead of just curtains. I did not have to wait very long although I enjoyed looking at all of the tattoo designs in the front hall.

When I walked into the room it looked very clean and tidy, Lori proceeded to give me a long talk about the piercing and cleaning techniques. She was serious but very personable. I talked to her about my love of piercings and how I missed my nose piercing as I had accidentally let it grow in. She then offered to put in a new nose ring for me and only charge me for the ring itself. She told me it would hurt but it actually didn't hurt at all and I was happy to have my nose ring back. Then she started preparing for my eyebrow piercing, first she marked a possible spot with a marker and asked me if I liked it there. I liked it so I laid down on the table. She was very nice and talked me through the whole thing making small talk and answering my questions about migrations of the piercing. When she put the needle into my skin I barely felt it, she made sure I was cleaned up before I saw the piercing. When I saw it I was very pleased with the outcome.

We made some small talk as she was calculating the receipt. I ended up paying $65 because I bought the recommended after care product but she didn't charge me for the nose ring! that was really nice of her. She told me that if I had any problems with my piercing to call her. She said she would never allow me to lose my piercing over infection or anything!

I've never seen a piercer take so much care in their work and care in others. When I asked her about pricing for tattoos she said I could email her anytime and she would price out the tattoo I wanted. She also reassured me about the damaging effects of a tongue ring. My friend had one and it ruined her teeth. Although I've always wanted a tongue ring I was afraid to get one for that reason. I might go back and get one from her :). I will recommend solitary studios to anyone! It is very hard to find a good place in Oshawa this one is great! the only complaint I would have is that they didn't have a debit machine but there are banks everywhere around there so it's not really an issue.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Lori
Studio: Solitary+Studios
Location: Oshawa

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