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My Re-Pierced Eyebrow

Hi, my name is Synie (okay, its my nickname but deal with it.), I'm 17 years old. I just got my eyebrow re-pierced last night for the second time (I had it once before but I lost the top ball and before I could replace it, it fell out while I was sleeping).

I've wanted my eyebrow pierced for a really long time now. I had it before and when it fell out I was devastated, but I couldn't get it again cause my dad HATED it.

I went back to the piercing place where I got it originally, because my friend was getting HIS eyebrow piercing re-done. (We both got it together the first time too.) So I'm trying to decide what I want to get done, and one of the piercers who work there was trying to be helpful and suggesting different ideas. I stand around for 10 minutes and FINALLY say "Fuck it, I'm getting my eyebrow pierced again."

We fill out the forms and everything, asking if we had eaten in the last 4 hours (we hadn't so after we paid she gave us time to go get some food), if we had drank any alcohol, done any drugs, were allergic to anything, or if we had taken any aspirin, etc. Then the other piercer comes in to do our piercings. He asks who wants to go first, and my friend and I look at each other and my friend decides to go first.

So my friend goes first and sits down in the chair, the piercer (the one we were talking to didn't do it, her husband did) washes his hands, and puts on fresh gloves. We're joking around with him because he's done the majority of our piercings and he was asking how come we didn't have any, anymore. (I still have a couple, but the majority of the ones we had were gone). We explained that our eyebrow piercings fell out cause we had lost the top. He told us that we should buy extra jewelry, and I told him that I would, but I was officially broke, but that if he felt like giving us free jewelry we wouldn't say no. He laughed.

All that took less then 2 minutes while he was putting on gloves and getting out the clamp and such. Everything was sterile (came out of NEW never before opened packages). My friend get his piercing done exactly where his old one was, and I see it hurt him a bit more then I remembered it hurting the last time we got it. And the piercer explained because he was piercing through scar tissue. So my friend is done and now its my turn.

The piercer changes gloves and takes out a new sterile clamp and needle. He cleans my entire eyebrow (I had eyeshadow on so he cleaned a little of that off). He marks the spot, and I tell him I want it a little more towards the center, so he re-marks and I'm happy with it. He puts the clamp on and its slightly painful (I don't like clamps but I do realize they are necessary) I close my eyes and keep breathing in and out, knowing that if I hold my breath it'll hurt more. He sticks the needle through, it does hurt more then it did last time, but its not too bad. It gets stuck a little going through the other side and I take a deep breath and it goes through.

I kept my eyes closed through all of that, he corks the end of the needle, then gets the jewelry (a curved barbell with little balls on each side) and puts it through while he pulls out the needle, it stings slightly but is otherwise perfect. He gets the ball on and tightens it and we're good to go. We leave the shop and my friend and I get some ice to put on it, cause though its not swollen yet, we can feel pressure. (Which is absolutely normal.) Then we decide that since we're now broke, and have nothing better to do, its time to go home.

I just got it last night and it doesn't hurt anymore. I would definitely recommend it. The first time it didn't hurt me AT ALL, it was just like "It's done." "What? Really?", and healing was fast and virtually painless. And every time I cleaned it I used either the H2Ocean spray or just warm water. I'm hoping healing does as well this time. I'm planning on using the leave it the hell alone except for cleaning off crusties, until I can go get some sea salt or saline.

If you have any questions about any piercing (cause I've had a few and I plan to get more) feel free to e-mail me.


submitted by: NoOneCanTouchUs
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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