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By Thine Eye

Had I waited a few more days it would have been one year and four months since I had acquired any new body modifications.  Sitting at the 32 mark for piercings I had almost abandoned my desire for any additions, mainly working on stretching various ear work and my septum for the past year.  Flipping through magazines and exploring the wonderful world of piercings across the internet has both captivated me and caused me to fall in love with them all over again.  Unfortunately I'm not one for crowding and am particular about the piercings I sport.  Many of my favorites are not pieces that I would consider on myself but find visually pleasing on other such as the medusa, vertical labret and cheek piercings.  Thanks to them and all of the people that wear them proud I am still quite interested in the piercing aspect of body modification.

As simple as it may seem this experience is in reference to my newly acquired and highly anticipated eyebrow piercing. I had desired it years ago, before my ears were stretched and before my face had ever experienced the prick of a needle. Back then I had begged my mother to let me get it. I had made the appointment without asking her and when my plan failed I had followed her wishes, changed it to a different piercing dispite my being 18. I wanted that piercing more than the one I'd already acquired through my tongue, longed for it to be my first facial piercing. Part of me needed that barbell to be perched up by my eye like a friend on my shoulder, its intimidating essence blaring out as people would pass me in the streets. I had always thought that no matter who had the piercing be it some sporty chick, a doll face, some dude decked out in Phat Farm, or the nerdy guy on the math team, it didn't matter. It was the nose stud of teenagers from my childhood. I hadn't
known, didn't even realize that in the same way nose studs give a flare of femininity across the nation and tongue studs brought the hush of taboo to parents' lips, an eyebrow piercing would taunt 'I'm not the person you think I am'. I wanted to look in the mirror and see that sheer coming of age confidence that I had seen in so many others, and I had passed it up at the request of my mother. I let it slide, I didn't make it a big deal and I let the water settle, busying myself with various ear work. I cast the eyebrow off as a cliché form the 90's...it was soon forgotten.

Looking in the mirror today I've acquired my snakebites, matching nostril studs and my bridge forming a little line of symmetry up the middle of my face. This placement was unintentional and left me desiring something more. When thinking about what I could add realization crept upon me that there were many piercings that I had grown quite fond of, loved even, but only two held potential for myself; the labret and the eyebrow. The labret appealed to me most in its positioning. My heart fluttered when I saw one positioned closer to the lip giving it a plumper appearance and drew an emphasis on the wearer's lips. The brow on the other hand was something that if had would throw the symmetry from my existing facial work, a look that I had desired for quite some time along with the empowering edge of the piercing itself. My decision changed several times and to be quite honest I was leaning towards the labret. One friend advised against it because it is known to wear down th e front teeth as well as erode the gums, I agreed but still had my mind set. It was almost finalized when a good friend told me that she thought it would crowd my mouth. Her words got me thinking almost settling on the thought that my piercing days were over, once again. Still wanting an addition to my current mods I regrettably decided on my eyebrow. The decision didn't have any real reasoning behind it, just an option that seemed not too terrible, at least that was the case until I thought about why I had wanted it back at the beginning of it all. I remembered the confidence that it added to complete strangers, the challenge that it whispered through high schools, and soon a smile grew on my lips. I knew what I was getting and I was getting it with pride.

I decided to book the appointment so that it would land both on my payday and day off, and scheduled it only a week ahead of my desired date.  Luckily, Soul Survivors, my sworn shop of choice, had an opening and were able to fit me in for 2pm.  I figured this would be the perfect time allowing me time to do my running around with the bank and bills before hand and leave enough time for traffic on my way back home and to pick up my mom from work.  For the next week I could hardly fall asleep at night...

When Thursday finally arrived I couldn't wait for 2pm, literally. As soon as the bank opened I was there, paid off a few bills, went home again and it was only half past noon. I knew that it would only take me half an hour at the most to get down to the village, hunt out a parking spot and head off to the studio. I puttered around for a bit then decided to head off early and see if I could get penciled in for a sooner spot, if not I could wander around the shops until 2. After parking I headed down to Second Cup, a coffee shop at the end of the stretch where Soul Survivors was located. I opted for a bottle of water to help calm my nerves then headed down the street to meet my doom... err get a needle shoved through my face. I'll admit that up until my hand touched the door handle and one of the girls at the counter turned to watch me enter the shop I wanted to turn and run. I wanted to do anything other than walk through that familiar door, hop up into that much too fa miliar chair and get a new piercing. I was scared and I knew it. My hands were shaking, my hair was messy and I was sweaty from the heat, worst of all I had forgotten what it was like. This realization had been upon me from the day prior when I had been searching BME for a well written experience on the piercing at hand. My breath had caught in my throat and my heart had sunk as I had read the words "deep breath, one, two, three". That was always the part where the thought of screaming 'stop' or 'no' raced through my mind and although it had only ever lasted seconds my own replays would always register it as if time itself had stood still. I knew that I would be okay, that my piercer Bj would go about his usual small talk which would cure the nervousness, that I would forget the pain and embrace the warm burn as I'd leave the shop, and that knowledge was the only thing in my mind as I gripped the door and walked in.

I'm not too familiar with the counter guy as he had started at the shop when my visits grew far and few in between, but he handed me my forms just the same. After filling them out quickly I returned to the counter, gave my id, and was asked to take a seat and wait while Bj took a girl in before me. I busied myself looking over the flash on the walls before taking a seat and being called into 'the room'. It was nice to be back again since the majority of my modification work had taken place over the duration of a year and a half and I had been in every two weeks at that time. The whole process seemed to be moving faster than it ever had before and sooner than I expected I was clutching my purse and squeezing the arm of the chair in anticipation.

My request was that the piercing be done with a barbell on the right side and that it be slightly angled. Bj's response to having it angled was what I had begun to fear; that angled eyebrow piercings have a higher tendency to migrate compared to the ones that are pierced straight up and down. At that I fumbled and babbled embarrassed of my request tell him to do what needed to be done, if possible angle, if it would be best not to then to do whatever (so I'm sick of seeing the huge barbells that are perfectly straight and don't find it as aesthetically pleasing... oh bother). Bj didn't agree or disagree only examined my brow, applied marked it and then gave me the news. He had said that he would be able to angle it at a 45 degree angle and then passed me the mirror to check it out. It was perfect! I complemented the placement, handed back the mirror and braced myself for the clamps. As usual they weren't that bad, only feeling like someone softly squeezing my eyebrow
(almost laughed when he asked if they were too tight). He had asked me to keep my eyes closed for the piercing so I did making sure to grip the chair arm tight and clutch my purse against my tummy. I was prepared for the worst and all I could think was 'he's going to do it right now'. Before I could finish my thought and worry about what was the needle and what was fingers adjusting the clamps Bj reminded me to take a breath and the needle was in.

The piercing itself was quite impressive, I had said just that when Bj asked if it had been all that bad. For a first piercing to get back into the modification mood having my eyebrow done was perfect! I say this because I had been close to terrified when I sat down in that chair. I was worried about every possible thing that my mind could conjure; that it would bleed, running down my face or I would furrow my brow when he went to pierce it and have some horrible accident, or even that it would hurt so unbearably I would pass out. In actuality it didn't hurt, when I think back on it it's somewhat difficult to describe. The most accurate comparison that I can think of would be a hot knife through butter. There wasn't any resistance from my skin when it entered my skin, it didn't feel harsh or thick or heavy through my skin, best of all it wasn't sharp, wasn't pinpoint able. I could say it felt slow and right as if my flesh had welcomed it, inviting it to stay a while.
In the moments before replacing the needle with the jewelry I couldn't feel the needle, part of me wanted to open my eyes and see it there before my eye but took the safe way and kept them closed. The slight pressure that was the curved barbell being slid into my skin was hardly a pressure at all, although more noticeable than the needle. Everything went pretty fast from there (heck everything went pretty fast in general!), Bj screwed on the bead, cleaned me up and made a little small talk before handing me a small pill bottle of softsoap to initiate the end of our session. I thanked him and returned to the counter to pay. I was told to give the piercing a month then return for a check up, $60 and a $10 tip later I was back out into the sun with a new metal bit in my face. I felt like I could take on the world!

DAY 3: Everything is peachy keen. I'm unsure as to whether or not my mom noticed the addition, if she has she hasn't said anything to me which is beyond nice of her. To be completely honest I'm not sure if I should be happy and rejoice about that or be concerned and worry. It's a new experience having a brand new piercing and not having any complications. So far I haven't so much as seen lymph forming around the entrance and exit. The area isn't reddened, it doesn't hurt, itch either (except when my hair tickles it which doesn't happen too often anyway), it feels only ever so slightly thicker than normal but other than that nothing that commonly happens to when dealing with fresh piercing. I haven't chanced makeup yet and have only cleaned it with the softsoap today in the shower. Washing my face with and defoliant and foaming cleanser in the morning and before bed is something that I've been making sure to do. I don't want any of my skins natural oils to clog up the

DAY 4: Still going good as far as I'm concerned, the teeny bit of swelling has dissipated and I've chanced wearing makeup for the first time since getting it done. There have been no reactions although later in the day I noticed the right side of the piercing is slightly bruised with a yellow tint. Lymph hasn't appeared yet, and the bar is still fitted nicely in the skin.

DAY 5: Bruising has turned a darker yellow and is somewhat tender. Right eyebrow with piercing has begun to itch which based on the appearance I feel can be deemed as a healing factor. The entrance and exit points were a light pink but that went away after a shower and washing with soft soap. Looks as though it will be a good healing. Still quite impressed!

I'm glad that Bj was able to angle it for me, although I am a little put off by the larger beads that are on the ends, as it distracts a little. Once the piercing heals I intend to get smaller beads with gemstones in them as well as a set of small spikes to interchange now and then. All in all, I'm glad that i decided to go with my eyebrow rather than anything else, it has been rather enlightening and easier than I expected (no wonder everyone and their dog has an eyebrow piercing)! If you've been thinking about getting an eyebrow piercing I'd recommend going and getting it done. It's a fun piercing, easy aftercare and if you have a low pain tolerance you're good to go!

Until next time,



submitted by: Bondage-Kit-1
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: BJ
Studio: Soul+Survivors
Location: Winnipeg

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