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Loving my new eyebrow piercing

So my name is Tiff and I'm 15 years old.. I've wanted my eyebrow pierced since I was about 13, and I got it about a week ago. I got my belly button pierced when I was 13, and didn't think anything of it.. I actually had to ask him if the needle was through cause there was no pain involved! (love that no pain, great piercing thing) I always get nervous before I get piercings before I go to get it pierced, but I think that happens to everyone. So if you happen to be reading this story nervous about getting your piercing, don't worry bout it! :) The pain is different for everyone, but still I don't like needles all that much and it didn't even bother me to look at it. It was only a 16G.. as my bellybutton was a 14G.

The night before I got my eyebrow pierced, I was looking at all the eyebrow piercing stories on BME and other sites, watched videos of the piercing itself, and just read about it.. I was a little nervous but from what I read, most people said the pain is very minimal.. but I was still obviously expecting it to hurt. OF COURSE! I mean it is a needle going through my eyebrow.. just the thought of that kind bugged me.

I went to Paradise Lost in Kutztown, Pennsylvania last Friday to get my eyebrow pierced. I had to sit there anxiously waiting for the piercer to arrive.. but I was still pumped to get it done. My mom was there with me.. she's chill about piercings and a few other things that most parents probably wouldn't be ;) That's why I love growing up in my house But anyways..

When I went back to get my eyebrow pierced, he had to first mark it. It took him about 3-4 times to get it right since I kept moving a little.. it's hard for me to sit still when I'm nervous. So once he cleaned it, got the dots and I approved and what not, he clamped my eyebrow.. which I read some people think that hurts but for my eyebrow/belly button it didn't bother me at all. Then it was time for the needle!! So I took a deep breath and then it was all over. It didn't hurt at all! Just felt like pressure but nothing that could even be called pain. I was so relieved after that needle went through.. when he put the barbell in it stung a little tiny bit, but again nothing like 'pain..'

He then put my barbell in (which is pretty small because I'm small.. 5'1'') But I looked at it in the mirror and absolutely loved it! It looked weird at first because I wasn't used to there being a barbell in my eyebrow, but I could not stop looking at it! It looked great and didn't hurt at all.. It was sore after it was done but that hurt more than the actual piercing. I Payed $45 for it and then tip.

My mom then decided to get her nose pierced.. looks so cute on her! She said it didn't hurt if anyone was wondering. My best friend also has her nose and said it didn't hurt. So yeah none of these piercing seem to hurt too bad.. so if you want a piercing.. go for it! It'll look hot and make you feelin good :)

All my friends seem to love my new piercing.. and I know I do. I've had it for a week now and it has been bruised this whole week. It looks like I have purple eyeshadow on. It still hurts pretty bad if I bump it, and i'm still waiting for the bruising to go away, but it's totally worth it! Like everyone who has a new piercing.. I do sometimes forget its there and touch it and hit it and yeah that does not feel too great.. so just try to remember that your piercing is there. But my memory sucks..

I hope I have no migration.. I've heard that your pierced can just 'grow out.' I'm hoping that does not happen to me, or atleast not for awhile. Also hoping I can find a job that accepts my piercing. Oh and gym class.. My teacher is not the coolest so I'm gunna just wear a band aid. I'm not taking a new piercing out for gym tho.. that's for sure.

Peace & Love my friends.. go get pierced

P.s. If you've had your bellybutton pierced.. and didn't think it hurt, well that's exactly how the eyebrow is. It feels the exact same... no pain involved

OH YEAH! forgot about this.. here's a picture of my piercing!


check it out..


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Dan
Studio: Paradise+Lost
Location: Kutztown%2C+PA

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