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Bridges ain't shit but ho's and tricks.

Just kidding! After a week, I've decided that it'd be pretty swell to tell the story of getting my bridge.  
     On the day I decided to get my bridge done, I called my regular piercing lady Stephanie of Too The Point Body Piercing (in Grants Pass, Oregon) to let her know I'd be stopping by to get my bridge done. She informed me that the shop was closed (I was bummed, because I thought I would back out of getting the piercing later) but that she would be having a customer appreciation sale the next day -- all piercings are 50% off! How could I back out of that? Impossible! 
     So, I knew I had to get the piercing. 50% off is pretty damn good, and while I had sufficient funds, getting poked for cheap & professionally, is a pretty great thing. I went into the shop the next day, nervous as hell. I figured "Right between the eyes? This will hurt like a bitch."First I had to wait for Stephanie to get done with a client, who was actually a girl I knew from high school (I was one of those senior helper ladies, and I showed her (a freshman) around campus). She was getting her nose pierced as well as her baby's ears pierced. This was mo'fucking intense. While I agonizingly waited for what I anticipated to be one of the most painful piercings I'd ever get, I was also psyching myself out about how this baby was probably way more sensitive to pain than me. Then I imagined a baby getting its bridge pierced, and I about passed out. I'd never been nervous for a piercing, as I am particularly good with pain. I handle pain a lot better than most of my frie

nds can, and they always think I'm crazy for barely feeling things. It's not that I can't feel it, I just put my mind above it. After the baby and her mom are done getting pierced, I talk to Stephanie a bit & reminisce -- all the good stuff. Now it's time to get cleaned & dotted. Stephanie cleans up my bridge area nice & proper, and proceeds to tell me about the precautions of a bridge piercing. She then dots me up and tells me to look at them and see if it looks as if it's placed right. I go into the middle of her studio and stand there for what seems like forever, analyzing my dots to make sure the piercing is perfectly placed. This is really nerve-wracking for me, as I was worrying that the two balls on the barbell would look too close. I didn't want this to happen, so I assessed the dots and found them to be very well-placed. Stephanie is a genius, might I add. I'm dotted up, still unbelievably nervous, and as ready to get pierced as I can be, given the situation. A few customers come in while I'm just about to get pierced, so I turn into a dork and ask them what they think of my dots. They agree that they are well-placed, and I lay down on the table so that Stephanie has full piercing access to my bridge. She puts the clamps on but they keep slipping, so I am getting freaked out. I'm thinking that they could slip just at the wrong moment and I'll have a crooked bridge, or something more terrifying and involving several volumes of blood. It's touch & go for a bit, but she makes the clamps tight enough to where they don't slip. This makes the skin on my nose feel like it's very thin -- almost too thin for a bridge piercing -- and thus further freaks me out. I'm about to tell Stephanie that maybe I should just get an industrial instead (even though I know she'd get pissed off) when she tells me she's going to do it in three,
two, one...pierced.
Did it hurt? No. Not one bit. I can't explain why. I'm not even sure if it's normal. Sometimes I think that I was so nervous that I got pumped up with adrenaline, and that's why I didn't feel it, but I'm not sure. I also heard a very strange crunching sound when the needle went through and I still didn't feel a thing. I've read other bridge stories, and it seems like many don't describe it as "painful." I wouldn't describe it as "painful" either, just completely nerve-wracking. Do I suggest this piercing to others? Why, yes. It can throw you for a loop, but it's pretty nice to think about when it's all done. Not only is it a great piercing, it's also a great experience. Although I can't say how your experience will go, I would still push you to do it if you are thinking of getting it. Bleeding is pretty normal for the first couple days. Mine stopped bleeding (it only bled at night) after about two and a half days and is healing nicely! Healing time is about twelve weeks, so I would keep that in mind.

Other than that, it's pure magnificence.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: stephanie
Studio: too+the+point+body+piercing
Location: grants+pass%2C+oregon

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