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A bridge to far?

Ever since I had my bridge piercing taken out due to hospital regulations I have been dying for another one. The hospital I attended for my operation didn't allow for piercings and so I had had to take all of my piercings out. By the time I was discharged from the hospital the bridge, along with my eyebrow and labret had healed over so I couldn't get the jewelry back in, which was such a shame

Fast forward a year on.. I had been thinking of getting a new bridge just because i thought it looked great and was pleased with some of the comments I had got the last time round. Here in Worcester it's still quite an unusual piercing to have and so I decided to go ahead and get it done.

My last bridge was done by Spud at Speares studio up in Kings Heath, Birmingham. I was really pleased with it and so I decided to go there and get it done again, but disaster! They no longer do piercings there, just tattoos by the fantastic Leah. I was so disapointed.

And so I had a think and remembered that a blue banana piercing studio had opened up in Birmingham city centre, in the Pallasades shopping centre. Now I don't usually do chains, but I was desperate to have it done. So I arrived at the shop and went up to the counter and said I was interested in getting a bridge piercing. The guy at the counter was a bit keffuled and appeared not to know what I was talking about, so he asked the girl working next to him, who happened to be the piercer, she nodded and said it would be £20 which I thought was really reasonable, and so I said to the guy at the counter that I wanted it done. He then produced the consent form, which had all the usual questions on it- how old I was, whether I had any infectous diseases, whether I had high blood pressure etc. He then gave me a leaflet on aftercare, and a bottle of tea tree oil. He then asked me to return in 20 minutes.

So off i went for 20 minutes, had a look round the shops etc. By this time I was getting a bit nervous as I always do when I have a piercing, but I really wanted it done so when the 20 minutes were up I returned to the shop and went and sat outside the piercing room. I was only sat there for about 2 minutes when the piercer girl called me into the room, after asking if I had my consent form on me. She didn't say much when I entered. All the equipment was already laid out, the clamps and the needle and the jewelery etc. She had gloves on and the room smelt of antiseptic. I said to her I had had the piercing before but she didn't say anything. She then came over to me and started to mark out with the pen where the piercing was going to go. She asked me if i was happy with the placing and I said yes. At this point i expected to have the area wiped with an alcohol swab, but she didn't do this. She then got the clamp out and pulled the skin together, this didn't hurt at
all. She then got the needle and pushed it through the skin. This was a little sharp, and hurt a little when it came through the other side. She then put the jewelery in, this didn't hurt at all. I then felt something dripping from my nose, wiped it and saw blood. This was a surprise as I hadn't bled the last time I had it done. The piercer then gave me some blue tissue and told me to keep pressure on it for 5 minutes, she then said to clean the piercing with saline and to use the tea tree oil on it too. I then walked out of the room, still bleeding and sat on one of the chairs outside the room for about 10 minutes until the bleeding had stopped, luckily I had a pocket mirror on me so I could inspect it every now and then. Eventually it stopped bleeding and I walked out of the shop.

I got home and looked at the piercing properly in the mirror and I was really pleased. I gave it a bit of a clean up to get rid of the dried blood and it looked perfect. I've now had it done for 3 days and have had no problems with it. I have never used the tea tree oil just saline and that seems to be working well.

So overall how do I rate my experience? Well i didn't even get the piercers name to start with, which put me off a bit, and I would have liked to talk to her a bit more. On the other hand it was very quick and profesional, I just would have liked a bit more conversation. I's reccommend going here if you don't want the small talk, just a relativily cheap piercing. I'm glad I had it done

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: unknown
Studio: Blue+Banana
Location: Birmingham

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