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My Eyebrow Piercing

So, I'm 16 years old and not long before I turned 16 I got my helix done. For absolutely ages after that I'd been thinking, well that wasn't so bad, I wondered, hey I wonder if I'd suit any other piercings, so I asked around my friends and got a mixed reaction. Some said no, I don't think you should get anymore, others were like oh yeah, how about your eyebrow, or your lip. I had a huge long think about it, and thought to myself, oh god will I look butch with an eyebrow piercing, will men find me less attractive, Yahoo Answers is certainly not the right place to look if you're looking for the opposing answer. Piercings are about discovering what you feel comfortable with on your body. If you want a tattoo, do it! If you want a piercing, do it! At least you know that with this decision you have discovered something new about yourself.

So, After pretending to have a lip piercing with one of my earrings I finally decided after about 3 months decision making, that I wanted my eyebrow doing. So, I asked my Mum, I asked like a few of my friends if they think that'd be worth doing and some said yes, some said no. If you ask me, if you feel like you want a piercing done, and it's not going to damage you mentally or physically, you shouldn't listen to anyone around you, and do what you want to do. I did exactly that, and thought to myself, you know what, fuck everyone else, this is MY piercing, not theirs.

Anyway, so I decided on a day to go, I got my Mum and a best friend of mine, Milly to come with me. Milly has already had her eyebrow pierced, it looked amazing so I thought, why the hell not! So, the day of the piercing, 26th July. I finished work and met up with my Mum and Milly and we headed down to the piercers. By the way, if anyone from Scarborough reads this, I STRONGLY recommend Rob's Tattoo Parlour because they really do treat you well in there. So, we went in, told the lady what I wanted and filled out all the forms and stuff before we went over to the bed that he'd do the piercing on. I got onto the bed and was asked to lie back and turn to my right (I got my left eyebrow pierced).

So, I did all they told me to, my Mum and Milly turned out to be pretty useless and just stood at the end of the bed gripping my legs, as if that would make it easier for me. He cleaned my eyebrow, marked on the hole with pen, and within seconds, he put the clamp on my eyebrow (which you can hardly feel), and put the needle through. It was as painful as I suspected, and obviously bled quite a bit. I turned out to be a bleeder! It all went into my eye and felt lovely, so was all good.

So, I held the piece of tissue onto my eye for 15 minutes or so and went to the shop to get some Savlon spray to clean it with, and was pretty much set and ready for the healing process. I've had it done for nearly two days now, and would definitely not go back on the decision. I've had lots of compliments off people, and strongly recommend it. My advice is, do what you want with your face, just make sure you're putting holes through it in a clean and sanitary place beforehand.

My piercing cost £25 and was done with a bar, rings are £5 cheaper, but bars are recommended because they are easier to clean than the bar. Women, don't listen to what people on places like Yahoo Answers say, having an eyebrow piercing doesn't make you look butch, or like a lesbian. It makes you look as though you have confidence, not afraid of pain, and secure with your own self image. So whatever you do, don't let their words get you down, We women are beautiful however many pieces of metal we decide to put through our skin, just as long as you're happy with the piercing and you have good reasoning behind getting it, then don't be afraid. At least, with a piercing if you decide you don't like it you can always take it out, the scarring may be permanent, but at least you can say you had the guts to say you tried it out. This piercing is so worth it, and I strongly recommend it to anyone.

I hope this has been useful to some people, I know that reading some other ones on here certainly helped me make my decision, so I hope it helps you in making yours!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Rob
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