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First facial piercing- Bridge

I've never been a fan of massive amounts of facial piercings. One or two are nice, but overall I find that if you get too much or cross the line, it doesn't look nice. I didn't think I was going to ever get one until I saw a bridge piercing somewhere. I don't even remember where I saw it; it might have even been this website. So, my cousin, knowing I wanted it done, recommended getting it done at Tattoos and Things II, as they're really cheap and the guy is really nice.

I took the bus there on a Friday, but unfortunately he wasn't there, so I waited a little while longer; he never showed up, so I decided I would come back a few days later.

A few days later, I gathered my money together and met with a few people who were going to come with me. I wasn't nervous or anything, as needles don't phase me, but I was wondering how painful it was going to be as I had never had piercings other than on my ears. When I got in the shop I began getting a little bit nervous; the guy was doing a tattoo, but was finished a few minutes later and told me it was okay to come into the back room. He used the smallest barbell he had because he said it would leave minimal scarring if I were to take it out, or if it were to reject somewhere down the road. So me, along with four other people went into the back where I sat in the chair and watched him clean the instruments. My friend held my hand, and even though I insisted I didn't need it, I squeezed pretty tightly. The guy marked my nose with a pen, and then told me to close my eyes. He used the clamp, which was actually the most painful part of the whole thing, and then he stuc k the needle through which I heard more than I felt. Four popping noises later, and it was through, but I began to feel wetness running onto my eyes and down my face. It was blood, which took about five or ten minutes to stop. I was shaking a little bit after it was done, which I don't know why because as I said, it didn't even hurt a lot; I think it was either because it was chilly, because of the blood, or because I was surprised with the outcome.

At the end of it all, I wasn't even swollen, and it was hardly even sore. I have heard bad things about these piercings getting rejected, but I hope mine doesn't as I intend on taking proper care of it once I get the cleaning solution. The piercing was only $20, but with the purchase of the barbell it ended up being $30. I gave a tip as the guy was really nice and professional about what he was doing. He also expressed concern about it leaving scars, and saying I was already really pretty, but I insisted I wanted it done! He also gave me a protein shake and called my mom to tell her to take me to a doctor to have my iron checked, which I thought was pretty responsible of him to do. I recommend this place to anyone who wants a piercing or a tattoo, because the shop is cheaper than anywhere else, and the service is better than anywhere else I have been as well.

One day later and it was a bit scary to sleep as I thought I was going to knock it out or something, but I didn't. I have accidentally knocked it a few times, but overall it doesn't hurt at all; I think when I pierced my ears by myself, the pain lasted longer.

I have had mixed reviews so far; some people like it, some people think it's in a weird spot and will make me cross eyes (but I can't even see the barbell unless I look for it), and some people think I look ridiculous. A lady stopped me in the store and asked me multiple questions about it, and I have gotten a few looks, but overall I'm pleased with it, and it's something not a lot of people have done, so at least it's unique. The reason I'm not really all for belly piercings and piercings like that is because they're not unique enough; and I think if you're going to get a piercing, you should get it somewhere flattering, and although some people probably don't think the bridge of your nose is the most flattering place to put an earring, I do, because it's different and flatters what I find to be my best feature (my eyes).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Darren
Studio: Tattoos+and+Things+II
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