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My First Eyebrow Piercing.

Hey guys.

I know it's a pretty common piercing these days with it being the "In" thing at the moment, but I thought I'd write about my experience anyway, on accounts of I'm going to be writing about my other piercing's as well.

I got my eyebrow pierced about 2-3 years ago, (when I was 17 because I remember having to get a parental consent form) at a place called "Jazz U Up" in Campbelltown, NSW. A nice clean looking place, separate room for piercing, all the usual things you would expect to see in a piercing parlor, except this place wasn't really a piercing parlor it was more of a beauty parlor on accounts it did waxing, laser hair removal and all that stuff as well, but that's not to say that it isn't a legit place, the resident piercer (sorry I don't recall his name, if anyone knows feel free to message me or something and I will add it in, I would hate to discredit someone of their work) did seem to know his stuff and despite not looking like a peircer, was able to provide a lot of information about aftercare and the process involved in piercing my eyebrow (the right eyebrow for those interested).

Now the piercing itself was all smooth sailing. My piercer called me in sat me down, talked about it and told me how it was going to go and what to expect, so ill repeat the same thing to you guys. I was told to expect a tiny pin prick of pain and not to be surprised if my eye waters a lot, and not to worry I wasn't crying it was just a reaction because of where the nerves in the area all run along the eyebrow, and that because of that there is a chance that if he hit a nerve that I could develop a face resembling that of someone who has had a stroke, but because he is a professional and he knows what he is doing I would have no reason to worry, But he thought it necessary to explain the risk to me none the less, which is probably a wise decision considering the amount of trust I put in him to safely pierce my body, cause lets face it, no one wants a piercing to go wrong.

So once that was all done, he puts on his gloves takes the equipment from the vacuum packets and gets everything prepared marking me up with a toothpick dipped in ink and wiping the area down with a disinfectant, got me to sit propped up in a chair and the next thing I know I'm being asked to count to 3 and take a deep breath and to remain VERY still, so here we go, 1....2....3 and bam, we were done. The process was very painless kind of like the equivalent to being pinched very lightly I guess...but it was over within a second or 2. The needle goes in; tubing slides off, then the jewellery goes through, a very simple piercing.

As far as after care goes it was also a relatively simple piercing to take care off, for the first few weeks u want to be careful putting or pulling shirts off though, especially if u have the spike ends on it, as they tend to catch on material very easily, and ill let you in on a secret, it HURTS! Specially after just having it done.

As far as rejection or migration goes, I hear that the eyebrow usually does migrate out and isn't the most secure of piercing's, so I did some looking around and it seems that as long as a bent barbell is kept in or a ring, then u shouldn't have much problems, I haven't had any migration problems and I have had my eyebrow pierced for over 3 years now...

Also with aftercare, I was told to use the same solution which u use on ear piercing's, so I went off to the chemist to get it but they didn't have any in stock so instead they gave me saline solution which worked fine, no infection or anything, I soaked it in saline solution for about 3-4min, once or twice a day, saline solution is cheap as chips, about $4 for 2 bottles of the stuff, and that lasted me a few weeks,

So all in all, if you're worried about going in and getting you're eyebrow done, done be, it doesn't hurt, there is little risk involved, its easy to take care of, in most cases it looks real good. And it's definitely a worthy investment. Even if it's your first piercing it's a good one to get, and 3 years later, it still looks as good as the day I first got it, if not better.

Peace out guys, if u have any questions feel free to contact me and ask, I don't mind helping out if I can.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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