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sweet eyebrow piercing

It all started when I was about 11 years old. I loved the look of facial piercings and wanted one REALLLLLLLLLY bad...and everytime I asked my mom, of course she said no and that I could do whatever I wanted when I turned 18. I was pissed. So I kept asking, and asking. After months of begging, and I had to make a longgg list of why she should let me get it pierced, my mom let me get my eyebrow pierced. I had to tell her how it wasn't like I was getting my lip done or something, which was stupid since she let my sister get hers done...But she finally gave in and said I could get it done for my birthday. I still had a month before my birthday tho, so I kept begging and begging so she let me do it today. I went with my mom and my sister. My sister was getting her lip pierced...anyway.

I waited FOREVER to leave. I couldn't sleep the night before so I stayed up alll night and had to be at the piercing place by 3. It was soooo boring waiting. And I was really excited. So, finally we get there. We got inside and it wasn't very professional looking, but I didn't really care, I just wanted my eyebrow pierced. So I let my sister go in first. She came out and said it wasn't that bad, which made me feel better that the piercer wasn't a bitch or anything. But it was my turn. The piercer came out and got me.

We walked into the room, and he already had the needle and stuff out. He cleaned my eyebrow and marked the place. He told me to go look in the mirror, and I didn't really like where he wanted to put it. He didn't even ask me in the first place. So I told him to redo it. He finally got where I wanted it. I sat back down and he started to pick up the clamps. And I'm like umm aren't you supposed to ask if I want a barbell or a ring? and he said no, he was just gonna give me a curved barbell. Which is what i wanted anyway, but I still thought he should've asked. So, he took the clamps and put them on my left eyebrow. He didn't really say much or tell me what he was doing, he just said take a deep breath in, and let it out. And when I let it out, i felt the needle. It didn't hurt at all. I've read stories on here that say they didn't hurt, and I'm like whatever it's a needle going through your eyebrow. It HAS to hurt. But it seriously didn't. I didn't even feel him put the barbell in either which was surprising. I figured that would hurt more than the piercing itself. He told me I was all done and didn't really tell me how to clean it or anything, but I already knew so oh well.

I got up and looked in the mirror and loved it. Then, I walked out into the room where my mom and my sister was. They said it looked pretty good...but I felt like shit. I hadn't eaten anything all day, which was a huge mistake. I walked out there and went up to the counter to pay, and all of a sudden i was reallllly dizzy. I barely remember it, but i know i threw my money up on the counter and said, "Here, I can't really see anything, so there you go. Then I was out. A few seconds later I was doing that thing that dogs do before they puke. And my mom said i needed to go to the bathroom and I'm like no I'm fine, and kept doing it. Lmfao. So, I went to the bathroom and nothing happened. So I went back out into the room, and did it again. So, I went back to the bathroom. And I still didn't puke. So I left again. When I got back out there, my mom had already counted out my money for me and payed. So they gave me some water and I went out to the car. When I got in, my mom and sist er said something about me fainting and I'm like WTF ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT??? It was pretty funny...afterwards.

But just remember, eat something before you go to get pierced. I read some stories on here of people not eating and getting kinda dizzy but I figured I would be fine and everything would go okay. I was wrong...but the piercing wasn't bad at all. If you want your eyebrow pierced DO IT!!! It doesn't hurt and I think it looks sweet =]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 June 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: he+never+told+me+his+name.
Studio: finishing+touch+tattoo
Location: charleston%2C+illinois

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