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You've got a lot of shit in your face now you know?

I get told a lot "You have a lot of shit in your face" and I'm definitely aware of this, I guess the idea to add more piercing to my face was part out of mockery but more than anything because I wanted another piercing in my face.

At 19 years old I have 19 piercing and I work at a clothing store as a stocker, so it makes perfect sense that I can have facial piercing and get away with it.


My management really loves me and I can get away with my lip rings and nose stud but my septum I have to flip up and my gauges and nape I usually try and cover, sometimes when I'm feeling really asinine I'll wear my hair up to sketch people out but for the most part I follow the rules because I like my job and I like money.

So a week ago I decided fuck the surface piercing right now. I'm just going to go and get my bridge pierced, I had told my friend who would be doing the piercing (Branden) that I really couldn't have anymore facial piercing because I already had more than my job liked so I had originally wanted surface piercing, but after a few minutes of thinking one day I just said "Fuck management" and I was off to get my bridge.

After paying and getting the consent form signed, blah blah blah I found myself sitting in a very familiar chair with a very familiar smelling green tea in the air, oh and the sight of hollow needles and gloves.

Branden my piercer measured up my bridge but had to mess around for a few minutes to get the holes straight and I also asked him to move the holes back, the width of the soon to be fistula concerned me because it seemed too thin and too shallow...so he moved the holes back another time and then finally he was ready.

Branden never says one two three breathe or gives me any warning, he knows I tolerate pain really easily and I don't need to be prepared, so in goes the hollowed 14 ga needle through my bridge.

I felt the needle go in and I felt it as it traveled through the skin and it didn't hurt, I felt it coming through obviously but it didn't hurt.

To be a complete smart ass the gum I was chewing I started popping and blowing bubbles, Branden made a comment saying "You fucking smart ass. You're just sitting there popping bubbles in my face while I stick a needle through your face".

I said "Yup" and continued to blow bubbles.

The needle came right through after my comment and I sat with the needle staring me in the face, I went kind of cross eyed trying to look at both ends of the needle as Branden fed the barbell through and twisted the balls on.

It's been about a week and I would say my bridge is fine, it gets sore when I clean it because of the motion but other than cleaning it it's fine it's a tiny bit pink from time to time because I take the balls of it for work.

For now I don't really plan on changing out the stainless steel barbell for a retainer...I did that the first day I had to go back to work and it was kind of unnecessary so until management says to change it back. I'll leave it...and I know what people would say "It's bad to change it blah blah blah", but I'm aware of what I'm doing, what effects it could have on my bridge and how to fix it if it did by chance get irritated, infected or if it tries to reject.

Cleaning really isn't an issue...usually I would use H20cean because it's convenient and I don't have to mix anything or really do anything besides aim,hold and squirt but I'm all out of H20cean and around where I live a bottle costs $20 so for the time being I'm just sticking with antibacterial hand soap and hot water 2 times a day , just don't pick the crusties off...I've found a lot of them that appear to be dried out and ready to come off are really still attached, so don't pick.

I usually get stared at anywhere and everywhere I go but now I really get eyeballed, I know they're staring at me because I have a lot of piercings in my face and I guess that's alright everyone gets curious sometimes, it's also really funny my boyfriend and I have close to identical piercings...minus my nose stud, septum and 3 lip rings....against his bridge, and snakebites.

For now I'm done with facial piercings, my bridge was really the last facial piercing I wanted and now I'm satisfied, next is surface piercings.

I agree for anyone to get it, just don't stare at it too intently or you'll go cross eyed.


submitted by: GrindScream
on: 05 June 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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