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Terrible "Eye"dea- Horizontal Eyebrow

My story is about my eyebrow piercing.

I am 16 years old and I have been wanting an eyebrow piercing for a while now. Two years ago, I got a horizontal eyebrow done, which was quite an adventure. One that is really embarrasing re-explaing but I am going to do it anyway.

I come from a really religious family, not that there is anything wrong with that, BUT I really wanted to get a horizontal eyebrow and piercing's and tattoo's in my family are completley out of the question. My friend Nikki got me into all this kind of stuff and I was search bmezine one day and I saw them, it really caught my eye.

So one day I was determined to get it, so I asked my cousin who's 21 to take me and surely enough, the rebel did.

Here you have a 21 year old driving, and his cousin in the passenger seat. Me, scared shitless, and my cousin sitting there like it was another drive through town. Meanwhile you have my brother at home trying to drop a hint or two about me getting it done but thank the Lord my parents never caught on to that. We got to the piercing parlor and I sat down. AH, my hole body was clinched. Before I knew it it was over no pain nothing. I got up, re-thinking what I just did to myself making my way to the car my cousin following behind me careless.

So we get into the car, and my cousin looks at me, and LAUGHS, and says the meanest quote ever: " You are in trouble " On the way home it was silent, I was thinking about what to do, would I get in trouble, how long would they hold this over my head, ahh a million thoughts going through my mind. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst because I knew it was coming so I had to pace myself.

As we approached the house, my cousin asked me if I was sure I wanted to go in now, and i was like, are you serious, what kind of cousin are you.. walk me into the house please? Take the spotlight off me. So he entered the house first, and I ran straight up to my room, trying to hide myself. There I stayed for weeks. Leaving the house after my parents and coming home before them. Dinner was always a " Take my plate to my room " thing and a quick briefing with my parents on how my day went and the usuall stuff they do. At a point I thought I had been caught. I was sitting on my bed and my dad noticed something on my eyebrow, and he went " what is that? " and he looks closer at it, THANK GOD he was looking at the left eyebrow, I had my right one done. And it turned out he caught me for doing my eyebrows, because the hair was growing back. But what is to come in this story is way worst than any type of grooming.

I managed to cover the peircing for 2 weeks with my hair, here you have me thinking im so slick and what not and then one day, one damn mistake, it just so happened that as I was coming out of the shower to go to my room my dad saw my peircing, and surprisingy, he reacted differenty, he was cool a reaction I would only see my dad do in times of shock and surprise and In this situation I could see why he chose that reaction.

He sat me down, and started speaking to me asking why I decided to get it? Why I did it behind his back? Who took me to get it done? and I didn't want to rat out my cousin so I just said that the guy there believed that I was of age.

So after it heeled and what not, I was forced to take it out ... sadly I wanted to get it done again, and Im hoping he'll loosen up to let me do it because I loved it so much.

Remebering my cousin... sooner or later, my dumb ass cousin spilled the beans by accident to my dad telling him that it was indeed him who took me to get it done, getting himself introuble and me also for lying to him re opening the case.

So that is my life story. I would like to write many more life stories for bmezine if I get the chance to do other piercings. If you have any suggestions e-mail me or something any tips on how to hide it and what not.



P.S. There are many other piercings I would like to get down so if you have any particular ones that you think look good on guys please tell me, I am very open-minded :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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