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“It Felt Like That Went Through My Forehead”

So my family decided to spend some quality time together. Now when I say quality time I really mean is that we end up at the tattoo shop to get some new piercings. So my Mom and Dad walk in to Heritage behind me and as we're walking in I was telling my Dad that I was just going to watch and not get anything done. My parents knew better, so Dad called me chicken a few times and I told him I'd get my lip pierced again if he paid for it. So while I was filling out the paperwork my Mom was saying that I'd look good with an eyebrow pierced. I ended up writing eyebrow for my piercing thinking why not.

We were told to go in the room with the creepy dentist chair and I told Dad he was going to get his lip pierced first. Watching him get prepped and marked made me feel a little uneasy and then the needle went through his lip and I cringed. So Dad was done with his piercing... Uh oh it was my turn. I'll admit I was nervous like no other I didn't know what to expect and I figured an eyebrow piercing was going to hurt.

I'm no stranger to piercings though; I have my lip pierced on the right side, nose, tongue, navel, 4 helix piercings and 0 gauge lobes. So my mom told me that I should just be used to it, well I'm not. It's a new experience every time honestly.

So I'm sitting in the chair trying to relax a little bit and he cleans, marks, and has me check to see if the placement is fine. I just nod and go with it so I'm sitting there expecting some clamps but no. He pinches my brow and shoves the needle through. Thanks for the warning! But that one didn't hurt nearly as bad as I was expecting so I hop off the chair and look in the mirror and my Mom says 'why don't you get the other side done'. I pause for a moment and figure, again, why not.

Now at Heritage they have the sunglasses that sit on your nose and attach to your eyebrow piercings and I have wanted them since my Dad got them. So the piercer, for the life of me I can't remember his name, grabbed the lighter colored pair and we went back to the creepy chair. He held the glasses up so he could get an idea of where the other piercing should go. So after the dots are all lined up he cleans the area and asks me if I want to check it. I decided not to because I was sure of where it was going. So he pinches my eyebrow and holds the needle to it and let go and walked away. I opened up my eyes and said bluntly 'what the heck! You had me all ready and you walk away' so he realized I was kidding and was like 'yea I'm a tease' I laughed because it was funny. So he lays the chair down and pinches my brow again but this time it felt like he took forever to get the needle through. So my eye started to water a little bit and after he went to grab the curved barbell to put in I couldn't help but say 'ouch... that felt like it went through my forehead!' my parents laughed because it was pretty funny. So after the barbell is in and he got the dots cleaned up and I checked myself out in the mirror. I was instantly in love with them.

So we went to the counter and paid and I decided to get the glasses too because I liked them. So it's the next day now and they are fine, I didn't even have a hard time sleeping on them and I usually sleep on my side with a pillow under my face. The only issue I've had so far was brushing my hair, I ran the brush over one of them and that wasn't too pleasant. But besides that They are awesome and I can't wait to wear the glasses.

I'm definitely getting more piercings from Heritage, I've gotten my navel and nose done there and I love the atmosphere and everyone is super friendly. They are more than willing to tell their horror stories of their nipple rings getting ripped out after my Dad told them about his nipple ring getting ripped out while sliding next to a car to get out of his garage. So the guys told their stories about wearing jerseys with the holes in them and getting them nearly ripped out in the shower. Needless to say I was in pain and not looking as forward to getting those done someday as I once was.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: Heritage
Location: Mt.+Pleasant%2C+Michigan

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