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The Bridge

My name is Nick. I am 18. I have 5 piercings currently. Seven total. My snake bites, smiley, Monroe, 4 gauge septum... I have had my toung and Bridge done. This is the story of my bridge piercing.

When I finally decided I wanted a new piercing, I just felt uneven with my whole face. So I decided to get something different from the kids in my area. Not your typical lip or industrial. I wanted something interesting and i would have people ask me questions about it. I live in a red neck hick town so i decided to get a bridge. My decision came when I was looking actually on bmezine.com and saw the bridge. I thought it was funky, cool, and different. My friend and I went together after we got paid. She was going to get her septum pierced.

My piercer is named Biscuit. He pierces at Full Spectrum 2 in High Ridge Missouri. Coolest guy ever. He did my lip and Monroe. Really really nice guy. When I got there he kinda refused to do it. He had never pierced a bridge before. I slowly convinced him into piercing it. He has me fill out all the forms. Typical shop stuff. Then he calls me to the back and tells me to have a seat. He sat me down and started to clean my bridge of my nose. Then he examines my face to see where the correct placement would be. Then he takes out all of his sterile piercing tools. (never go to anyone that is not sterile, thats just a piercing hint.)

My friend Bobbie Ann was holding my hand because I expected so much pain. My heart was in my stomach because I thought it was gonna hurt so bad. I sit in the chair in he goes through the whole process of what he is gonna do. He clamps the skin at the bridge of my nose. And carefully inspects it. Checking if everything is even. The needle slid through like butter. Except the popping noise of the needle going through to the other side, it did not hurt one bit. What sucked was the piercing was totally crooked. He had to redo it. Even with the jewelry in place and everything. He re clamped my skin and carefully inspected the point of entry to the exit. The needle again slid through like butter. :] The jewelry was a barbel. I don't know what size it was but it was small. It was still a bit crooked but looking cool. It was still bleeding a bit and I had two hickies on the side of my nose near my eyes from the clamps. The healing process was great. Very quick and painless. Sadly, I took it out a couple days ago due to parent issues.I am getting it redone though. :]

In my opinion if anyone ever wants to get this piercing, go for it. Its not that painful. I mean the only bad thing is mine bled a little bit. Slightly for like ten minutes after the first piercing. Lots of pressure and a good paper towel stopped the bleeding.

Its the easiest healer. I wish I could have kept mine in for a longer period of time. Its an awesome piercing. Just remember bridge piercings are not permanent. Like all other surface piercings they will eventually migrate out of your face. I really want to get a vertical bridge. Difficult piercing but it will look amazing.

Best of luck to all those out there wanting to get your bridge pierced. It is in my opinion, the best piercing to get. Its funky, stylish, fun, and virtually painless. Mine didn't swell or anything. The crusties are not that bad with it. Just remember like with all other piercings, take great care of it, it is on your face and you don't want be all disgusting looking. ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE GETTING PIERCED. Researching what your getting done is great. I do it before i get pierced. You want to know about after care and everything.

Be safe with everything. Not only research the piercing research the shop and piercer too. Never get pierced at a shop that is not completely and utterly sterile. YOU WILL REGRET IT. And in my opinion make sure that the piercer has done the piercing you want before. You don't want it to be crooked like mine did. So again best of luck, be safe and be courteous at the shop. Tip well. And dont get to pissed if they charge out the butt for a piercing. Always ask your parents if you can still live with them if you get a piercing. My parents are fed up with the metal. But hell, you only live once.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Biscuit
Studio: Full+Spectrum+2
Location: High+Ridge%2C+Missouri

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