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My Second Eyebrow Piercing

Wallie Second Eyebrow Piercing

A few months ago I purchased a set of body piercing tools on eBay. Any way to continue with my story I decided to try out my new kit by piercing my eyebrow a second time about 5mm next to an existing piercing.

So, I sterilize the tools by boiling them in a pot on the stove since that was 1 of the easiest ways I could do it within my own home then chucked them into a glass I had filled up with sanitizing solution just to make sure they were 100% clean.

While I was boiling away the pot I decided id chuck in the new jewelery as well just to give that a bit of a clean as well, so after waiting for it to be done I sort out my needle, gloves, cork, rubber band for the clamp ok all ready to pierce.

I scoop out the clamp n chuck it in the sanitizing solution then fish out the jewelery from the pot, stupid me after just scooping it out with a spoon I chuck it into my hand and left a nice little bent barbell burn right in the middle of my hand, lovely stuff I knew the piercing would hurt a bit but this was a little too much.

After stomping around and my hand had stopped throbbing I decided to continue with my piercing. I was very nervous as I had never preformed a piercing before EVER!!! And wasn't qualified. So I had my phone near by just for I needed to call an ambulance.

On with the gloves I pulled them on a snapped them as if I were a doctor about to preform a prostate test and let out a snicker. I set up in front of a mirror and began marking out where the holes are going to go trying to keep lined up with the previous piercing which I had to take out so I could fit the clamp in place.

Here goes, I take a deep breath n push the needle half way through n then feel a little panic attack come on, oh my god what am I doing am I crazy went through my head and I began to shake I take my fingers off the needle take a few deep breathes and sing along to the song in the background, count to 3 and push it right though, all good its through can relax now.

Pushing the jewelery through slid straight in fantastic, i am excited it all went well, until I looked closely in the mirror and noticed a bit of blood trickling of the bottom hole. Oh crap I pierced a vein.

I'm going die what a doctor would say pronounced dead from piercing his own eyebrow wouldn't look good to be found on the floor with a piercing needle out 1 hole and the jewelery out the other.

I decided to press on n slid the jewelery all the way through and then go to find something so stop the bleeding which was now dripping off my chin. I used a few cotton buds to no success and found that good old toilet paper was the next best thing.

After about 20min the bleeding stopped and so it was time to finish up the piercing. First I wiped it with an alcohol wipe then dabbed it with rock salt. I would have used a piercing spray I had called "Protat" but I found that I always got infection when using it so rock salt from now on.

Next came the fun bit the healing, or should I say lack there of. For about a month I had redness and I had been squeezing puss out Yuk. I took it out for about a day and washed it vigorously. Put the piercing back in and it started looking better but was still very sore.

After about 2 months of redness but no more puss I decided to try something different I found a squirt bottle with a tiny funnel I lined that up with the tip just in the piercing & flushed it out with rock salt diluted in water. That hurt worse than the piercing itself I was almost in tears but it gave it a good clean I sanitized the jewelery n pushed it back in.

Within 2-3days the redness completely went and no more pain, so I decided to put in a shorter stud the length I wanted was hard to find I ended up buying a threading tool and customizing it to make it shorter. I now have an awesome piercing that I did myself, but I highly recommend you don't do your own unless you have been trained by a professional piercer. But having 2 eyebrow piercing looks good since none of my friends have more than 1 eyebrow piercing


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on: 24 April 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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