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My New Eyebrow Piercing

I've wanted an eyebrow piercing since about two summers ago when a friend had hers done. I was hesitant though, they involve pain and the probability of a rejection. But I decided to do it anyways. My parents were pretty cool about the idea, though they didn't really understand the point of one. My brother said I would look too bad-ass, but what do brothers know?

I went and made an appointment at The Metro first thing. I'm a pretty paranoid person when it comes to hygein, so I probably asked a lot of really silly questions, but hey, they are going to be shoving a needle through my body. I had to go back a week later because they didn't have any openings at that moment. As soon as I left the studio I started having second thoughts, but no pain no gain. And I thought that it would probably hurt less than when I gauged my ears(0 size).

So one week later, I went back with my friend and sister in tow. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous. We walked around the store for about five minutes, me trying to fight off a panic attack. Finally my piercer came out. She was really reasuring and chill, so I felt pretty comfortable. We went back into the piercing studio and she whiped the whole table down with disinfectant. She went through what was going to happen and asked if I had any questions, etc. Then she started taking out the supplies. She blocked the table when she brought out the needle so I couldn't see, which was quite wise on her part. She made two dots when the needle would enter and exit and asked if I thought they were in the right place. I did, and she said she was ready when I was. I was seriously thinking about bailing, but I wanted this piercing for months, so I wasn't backing out now.

I nodded and she placed the needle to the first spot and told me to take a deep breath. At first I didn't feel anything but then I felt a sharp pinch and then another one as it went through the other side. And then came the problem. It had pierced all the way through but the jewelry hadn't followed the needle just right so it couldn't get through the hole. It was throbbing and she was reaching up the wipe the blood away. But it didn't hurt, just felt kinda weird. She asked what I thought of repiercing it in the same place. I was about to say "hell no" and leave but like I said, I really wanted this. So I said go ahead and she pierced it again. It felt weird. Kinda like she was digging around in my skin but that part didn't hurt. This time I can say the actual piercin hurt, much worse than the first time by far. But this time it went in perfectly and the next thing I know is I'm being handed a mirror. I absolutly loved it. My sister looked like she was going to faint, but I got the approval of both her and my friend. Rhonda went through all the cleaning instructions and told me to be careful taking shirts and things like that off. I paid my forty dollars and was on my way.

That was yesterday and I can say that so far nothing really to report. I slept on the left side so I didn't sleep on it and get it infected. It's still a little sore but nothing terrible, just a little aching feeling. I'm cleaning it with a saline solution and so far, it looks great. I guess the only real problem is that I did accidently bump it when I was taking off a necklace and it freaked out a little, but I cleaned it again and it helped.

This piercing is totally worth getting. It's almost compleatly painless, like getting your ears done, and you'll be very happy with the end results. What happened with me and the jewelry not going through is not typical whatsoever and I would gladly go do it again. I would recommend Rhonda at The Metro for anyone who wants a piercing. They're very professional and it's kept really clean in there. But you do have to be eighteen or they won't do it, which I suppose is a good thing. A good rule for when you get your piercing is to sleep with a t-shirt over your pillowcase. It will keep everything clean and in the morning you can change the t-shirt. And make sure you don't clean the piercing with hydrogen peroxide, it will dry it out hard core and it won't heal. So happy piercings! It was totally worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Rhonda
Studio: The+Metro
Location: Arcata%2C+CA

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