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Piercing and S&M

I have decided to submit this story because it is funny as hell now, in hindsight, although the original experience was a little freaky. I was about 18 and I decided to go and get my bridge pierced. Being broke all the time I chose to visit a shop that I had been told was quite cheap. Reports on this shop were mixed so I knew I was taking my chances. At the time I didn't care so much because I had already had five facial piercings and I thought my experience would help me determine if the shop was too sketchy for my liking. Also, at that time, piercings were my way of venting my anger and frustrations; the moment of fear and pain led way to a prolonged feeling of calm. I'll mention now that I have chosen not to include the name of the shop. I did so because my story's probably not everybody's story who's been there and I'm not in the business of bad mouthing people. Besides, the shop's reputation precedes it.

Anyways, I headed down to the shop. When I walked in the front door I noticed that the piercing place doubled as an S&M boutique. They had all kinds of hand made leather outfits, whips, handcuffs, domination masks. I like leather so I thought that was really cool. Eventually I made my way up to the counter and told the girl that I wanted a bridge piercing. The lady at the counter was mean. I'm not saying like she said nasty things or anything- she just had this personality that you could feel she was plain mean. I figured 'hey, if she's a dom and she works at a Piercing parlour that sells S&M gear in the front, she's obviously in the right place.' No big deal, I thought, ' I'll just get my cheap as hell piercing and book it straight out of there.' After a few minutes wait the girl told me to follow her into the back. She led me into a small room that contained a dentist's chair (without restraints!) and a couple sinks. We were basically silent the whole time because she wasn't exactly the type of chick who easily makes small talk.   

I began to realize about this time that it would be the mean chick to do my piercing, as nobody else seemed to be around. She got my bridge cleaned and marked up. She told me as well that bridge piercings are impossible to get straight and mine will probably be slightly crooked no matter how straight she put it. That's basically a contradiction right there, but I went with it. The marks looked lined up and I was pretty confident that if she pierced where the marks were it'd be all good. She picked up the clamps and began pinching the skin of my bridge. I would like to say right now that I am not a pussy and that I actually enjoy pain at times. With that said, this lady was rough. Really rough. She pinched my bridge hard and press the clamps down tight. I actually had marks afterwards from them. Again, I just went with it and didn't complain. When she pierced my bridge, that was pretty standard. She didn't fuck the hole with the needle or anything, just let it pass through and put the barbell in. This is when things got a bit strange. She cleaned the blood with a q-tip and pushed really hard into both sides of the wound. She worked the piercing back and forth rubbing the dry q-tip over and over. She then grabbed the Iodine type stuff and started smearing it all over both sides of my piercing. I was under the understanding that that stuff goes on before the piercing begins to sanitize the skin, but she worked it into the fresh piercing. Once again she kept man-handling the fresh piercing rubbing the Iodine stuff into both sides. When she was done, she left the stuff on my face. She took off her gloves, washed her hands and walked back to where I was sitting. She looked me right in the eye and said ' I just want you to know that the barbell I used is too small and when your skin begins to swell it's going to pinch on the sides. In about 15 minutes you are going to have a killer headache.'

I smiled and asked her if we were done. She said 'yea we're done.' That was that. I didn't bitch her out or make a big deal out of it because it was already done. Besides, I figured getting pissed off would only make my soon to come headache worse in the long run.

I felt like I had the last laugh though because when I went to the front to pay, the girl gave me too much change back, so I ended up paying only $20 for the piercing. In the end I wound up with a shitty headache, some brown Iodine stuff on my face but also a cheap ass piercing that lasted a couple years.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Sadistic+chick
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Location: B.C

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