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First steps into surface piercing

About a year ago I was a year into my body modification journey, and was looking for more interesting and unusual ways to discover myself. I had a handful of facial piercings at this point, and decided the next step would be to venture into the world of surface piercing.

I had read a small amount on the Internet and discussed the subject with a few people I had met before finally going to my piercing artist to learn more about the procedure, after care, and time frames for both healing and how long I could expect to keep it in. One of the most important facts that I had learnt about was the fact that this type of piercing can be a lot more difficult to take care of, especially once signs of rejection are visible.

One I was satisfied that I had all the information I could find on the subject, I booked my appointment and eagerly awaited the date. The date unfortunately had to be rescheduled a couple of times, which got me thinking negatively about the whole idea. I went along anyway, and it was definitely the more satisfying experience I had gone through up till that point. The way it felt going in, the sudden slight rush, the way I felt when I first admired my new piece of face metal... I felt a way words just cannot describe.

The general reaction from people was not positive, which was strange considering the other work I'd had done. There were a few people who appreciated it, but I can't say that most people I know are very accepting of body modification. The general consensus seemed to be that enough was enough, and I was starting to get out of control on this new fad. This couldn't have been further from the truth; this experience had taken me further on my path than any modification I had been though prior.

The piercing itself was healing without a hitch. I would soak off any small discharge each morning, and managed to keep sleeping off it most of the time. When I felt like I might roll around a bit I'd pull my duvet up around onto my pillow when I slept for the extra soft cushioning. Just after a month had past the piercing was basically fully healed, and was sitting well. I was very proud!

I started to get really attached to my new piercing, and started looking into other surface piercings that I would consider getting. I basically got to the point where I decided that if I looked after my anti-eyebrow well for a year I would get another on the other side of my face to even things up.

Nearly 4 or 5 months down the track I started spending more time with some of my friends who are, for lack of better words, quite physical and aggressive. I would see most nights ending up with someone getting tackled or shoved etc. After a few nights I had my anti-eyebrow knocked slightly, and one ball was sitting at an angle all of a sudden, and had slipped maybe 1-2mm lower than it used to be.

I was so scared to show my piercer what had happened, so I was adamant that I would clean it twice a day, every day, and make sure nothing ever happened to it again. I started off doing this for about two weeks, when I noticed that the reddening around the piercing had not disappeared, it was discharging more than it had ever before, and it almost looked like it was hanging on a downward angle instead of sitting taught as it had at first.

Another month passes, and the situation is definitely not getting any better. I still clean it every day, and take extra care of it when around anyone. It was long overdue, but I finally decided it was time to get it checked out. I had it taken out that day, and the scarring was not nice.

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to dab a small amount of antiseptic on it to ensure it doesn't get infected before it gets a chance to seal up... but this leads to some of the top layer of skin around where the piercing was to burn. 6 months of daily rubbing in a PurCellin Oil product, the scarring is nearly gone, leaving only a small mark at the moment.

I felt so bad about the experience once I had it taken out because I had grown so attached to it. It was like a part of me. I would definitely still recommend surface piercings and other facial piercings to people considering them, including an anti-eyebrow. I have even since had my temple and bridge pierced. The moral of this story it seems would be to make sure your take care of piercings even if they have been in a while, and if you are ever in doubt never hesitate to see a professional.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Feb. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Nic+Fletcher
Studio: Illicit+HQ
Location: Auckland%2C+New+Zealand

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