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My well-awaited and loved eyebrow piercing!

I have always wanted an eyebrow piercing since high school, but knowing that my parents were strict and very much against piercings not belonging in the ear, I knew that I had to wait. I was 16 and had no way of getting parental consent. On the brighter side of things, I also thought that waiting was going to give me extra time to think about the piercing hard enough and know that I REALLY want it and will be doing it for the right reasons.

I have pondered it over and over, researched the process, gawked at photos of eyebrow piercings and even watched Youtube videos of the procedure endlessly. I finally realized that it's about time to get one. At first, I was nervous mainly about two reasons: having 2 holes on my eyebrows if and when I do decide to take the piercing out, and the most common piercing complications such as migration and rejection. Soon after I had just turned 19, I realized that regardless of possible complications, I was ready and very much eager to get it done.

The place that seemed most ideal was Malefic Tattoos and Piercings which was very close to where I live. I was keen on asking pierced individuals about their own experiences, whether they are friends or customers that I encounter at my retail workplace. I got one strong recommendation for Malefic from a girl who had an eyebrow piercing as well. She said that the piercer was very good and the place was well-established. I went on the website and saw photos of the parlour, the artists' portfolios, and some sort of mission statement.

It was a nice winter day, and I was very eager to get to the parlour once it opened. It was about noon, and as I walked in, I was comforted by the soothing familiarity of the place through the photos that I had seen earlier. Brandy the piercer was somewhat busied by a phone call so I waited in the receiving area. I looked through albums, sketches and posters of what seemed like custom tattoos until finally, Brandy motioned for me to come in.

I was asked for a piece of ID and payment before I filled out the consent form. He let me know that he was going to start cleaning and sterilizing surfaces that needed disinfecting. And that he did...he took his time as I observed and looked around the place. He then got the instruments ready and everything needed for my well-awaited piercing. He gestured for me to sit on the chair across from him and asked where I wanted the piercing. I told him I wanted it on my right eyebrow and he positioned me properly and cleaned the area free of makeup and other impurities. He then marked the two spots with a toothpick dipped in some sort of dye. He let me take a look at the placement in front of a mirror and told him it was perfect. It was positioned vertically on top of the corner of my eye, and although I had always pictured it following the arch of my brow, I very much trusted him on it.

On went the clamp, he adjusted and readjusted it a couple of times and told me to take a deep breath to make things a little easier and calmer. In went the barbell with a needle sort of cap. I remembered having a great big grin on my face throughout the whole procedure. At this point I thought to myself, there's no going back now! I exhaled and was chorused by Brandy saying: "The fun part's done, now comes the tricky portion..." He took out the clamp and with enough luck, screwed the ball on top with ease. I heaved a big sigh of relief mixed with great excitement.

Brandy told me that I could get up and examine the piercing on the mirror. I was a little nervous to look and see if it was what I'd thought it would look like. I opened my eyes and instantly felt my insides glow with joy as I had finally gotten the piercing that I know I'd love!

He briefed me on the cleaning procedures, what to get and where to get the stuff that I needed. He also included a tiny container of natural sea salt and pamphlet guides for me to use. I was adviced to clean the wound with Spectro Jel, take some Zinc tablets to speed up the healing process and Ibuprofen to minimize swelling. All this was to be accompanied by daily salt-soaks to remove the build up of crusties around the wounds. I was very determined to follow all his instructions to take care of my brand-new, first real piercing (not counting my lobes done when I was a baby).

He told me that if I had any concerns about the piercing and its healing process, I could come by anytime for him to have a look at it. He said he could also change the jewelry for me once it healed. The entire experience went pretty smoothly and I was glad I picked the right place with a very experienced piercer and did a great deal of research beforehand. I thanked him loads and as I exited Malefic, I felt exhilarated and excited to show the whole world my new piercing!

It has now been 10 days and my piercing looks much less swollen than it did on the first day. My friends and coworkers asked the typical: "Did it hurt?" to which I answered, "Not at all!" Although my parents aren't fond of it, I love it more and more with every single day that passes!

Here it is after 10 days!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Feb. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Brandy
Studio: Malefic+Tattoos
Location: Streetsville%2C+Mississauga%2C+Canada

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