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My painless and really great looking eyebrow piercing

I always wanted an eyebrow piercing since I was 14. Of course I asked my mom and obviously the answer was no way!I was so frustrated from trying so many times to convince her and she just kept saying no. One day I just gave up and I didn't talk to her about it for 2 months and after 2 months I wanted it more than ever so I didn't give up. It took me half a year to convince her to let me get it but at the end she finally said yes and she also paid for it so it was worth the wait. I had a little worries about the piercing though. I was scared of it getting infected and then swelling which would make me look very weird and I was scared that it wouldn't look good on me.Besides those two thoughts nothing else stopped me from getting that piercing.At the end I just told myself I had to do it no matter what.

On the day I was going to get the piercing I went skating first with my friend and then my mom picked us up and drove us to to Tribal Tatoo. I was kind of nervous and really excited because I never has a facial piercing,only 2 lobes and one stretched to 00ga.It took at least half an hour just to find the place because the mall that it was in was huge. I went into the studio and the place was so clean and white,this kind of calmed me down because I knew that it was sterile and professional because the piercing wasn't that cheap either. I asked them for an eyebrow piercing,I didn't even have to wait the piercer was already ready. I went in with my mom to the piercing room and now I was getting really nervous. The piercer started taking out the clamps and the needle and all that stuff,I tried not to look at the needle(I'm not afraid of needles just the thought of one going through my eyebrow scared me a bit).Now she told me to close my eyes and after a few seconds I felt a little pinch,then a really small sting and then a click sound of the ball being put on the captive bead ring. She told me I can open my eyes and I was thinking to myself"thats it?wheres the pain?".I looked at the mirror and it looked so good I couldn't stop smiling and I don't usually smile that much. She put a band-aid on it and told me to remove it after 2 hours and she gave me the aftercare directions. I thanked the piercer and then I went out feeling so happy with my new piercing.

On the first days I had some trouble taking off and putting on shirts because they kept touching the piercing so I had to be a little careful. I followed the aftercare directions for a month but after I tried to remove the ring it kind of got messed up. The ring is really hard to remove because the ball is on really tight so I took it out and then when I put the ring back in I couldn't get the ball back onto the ring. A day after that I went to switch my ring and I took a round barbell which looks great on eyebrow piercings.

Now the best part of this piercing was going with it to school. Its just really fun going with a new piercing to school. I got so many compliments on my new piercing. Everyone said it looked great on me and not even one person said that it didn't look that good. So I felt relieved. Also the piercing never really swelled up that much and even when it did it was barely noticeable so there was nothing to worry about. Now I don't have any problems with my piercing at all. Its healed so it doesn't hurt when it gets pulled a little

The only thing that kind of bugs me with this piercing is that its a little scary to go with because I'm scared of something or someone ripping it.The ring looks the best but its annoying when I need to change it or take it off.Also the first time I switched the ring it felt really weird sticking jewelery into my eyebrow but eventually I got used to it because I always switch jewelery now.

Everyone who wants this piercing should just get it done now. Its really painless although I suggest to start with a regular barbell and when its healed switch it to whatever you want. I'm planning to get my lip pierced sometime.

If you want to know anything else feel free to contact me on MSN,[email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Feb. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: never+asked+her+name
Studio: Tribal+Tatoo
Location: Tel-Aviv

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