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My one true love.

It all started On November 3rd, 2007. It was a Saturday, yes. I remember the day well because it was the day that I got the piercing that I had been waiting the longest to get; my anti eyebrow.

Now, I'm not new to the piercing routine. I've been able to sign for my own for over a year. That's about how long my personal debate about this piercing lasted. After consulting with some close friends, random passers-by on the street [Not really], my professional Steve and (Most importantly) myself, I finally decided that I would try it.

I had done my research. I read up on the procedure, the after-care, the risks involved, some personal experiences and my mind was made up. That day I walked into The Bear's Den, confident that I would give this a shot. Even though I knew that the chances of rejection for this were quite high, I still thought that it would be worth it.

After joking around a bit with the guys in the shop, talking to Bear and Steve about my eyebrow [the bane of my existence] and some of the other piercings that they wanted to check up on and filling out the forms, we finally got back to the room. Walking back there, I was thinking about how this probably wouldn't hurt, may bleed a lot or not at all and what the reactions might be.

Steve sat me down and got me to look straight ahead. He marked the spot on my right cheek where he thought it should go. I checked it in the mirror and we agreed that the placement should be a little different. After two more marks and changes the placement seemed good in relation to my eyebrow piercing and my face, so it was time to begin.

I sat on the table, held on to my friend's hand (more a ritual than actual necessity) and Steve put the clamp on. This was kind of uncomfortable, but that was to be expected on my part as there isn't really a lot of extra skin to grab there. I saw Steve bring the needle up, check the marks and I saw his hand push down. I didn't feel a thing. He slid the barbell in, screwed the ball on and I was good to go. [For this, he used a 16g curved bar that had been straightened slightly at one end as opposed to a surface bar] Steve informed me of some more after care and told me that if I didn't take care of it, he'd be disappointed.

In the days that followed this painless piercing, there was some very slight swelling and moderate bruising. Less than I had expected, making me very happy. I followed all of the after-care instructions that Steve had given me and it healed up quite nice. In the following months since, on my journeys to get more metal, Steve still checks it and tells me to clean it [knowing full well that this is one of my largest pet peeves, people telling me to clean my piercings]. After a few weeks, there was still bruising between the balls and slight redness around the bottom that wasn't going away. After talking to some other professionals and reading up on it a bit more, I began to clean it less frequently but started applying a little more pressure while cleaning it (something I avoided, fearing rejection) to help get rid of any fluid build up, as well as using a hot compress before sleep. The bruising went away entirely, but the redness, although going away slightly, remained. After a couple more opinions and a few more articles, both Steve and I decided that this was nothing to worry about as there is little circulation to this part of the face. It was most certainly not rejection he told me and it was (and is) barely visible. I've had it for almost three months now, it healed beautifully, looks amazing and I've gotten many compliments on it.

Although I am still rather nervous about it rejecting, it has taken to my body wonderfully. I still clean it twice a day, once after my shower and once before bed. There has been some slight skin loss that appeared only a couple weeks ago, it has stopped and didn't leave any marks. There is no pain when I touch the area and cleaning it never hurts.

I think that it was more than worth the risk of rejection and I am certainly glad that I did my research beforehand, otherwise this process would have been much more harrowing. As I have taken out my eyebrow piercing, I am considering getting a matching anti eyebrow on the left side and after this experience, I feel confident in the chances of success for that one.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Steve
Studio: The+Bear%27s+Den
Location: Orillia%2C+Ontario%2C+Canada

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