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My anti Eyebrow

First off, I would like to let everyone reading this know that piercings scare me an awful great deal!! I have heaps of tattoos, but the smell of a piercing studio horrifies me, I would rather have my body tattooed top to toe than get a piercing.

Everytime I get a new piercing, I get panicy, and anxious.

So it was with great fear that I set about going to get my anti eyebrow done, I had seen lots of pictures online of this piercing, and had been wanting it done for a while.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon that I headed to the piercing studio, the place I would usually go does not open on a Sunday, so I went to my second choice.. bad mistake?? I dont know yet........

My boyfriend and I headed in to the studio, and I asked about getting it done, the piercer talked to me for ages about it, and drew the dots on my face so I could see if I would actually suit it.

After much talking I said I would wander over to the mall, and think about it for a little while.

15 minutes later we headed back, I was determined to do it. I was so scared, I dont know what it is that frightens me about getting pierced, but I was sweaty, and anxious, and basically just a giant scaredy cat!!

I got the piercer to change the side of my face we originally chose the piercing to be on, and move the dots slightly.

He told me he would be using PTFE, which he chose for its flexibility in my face. This seemed like a good idea.

I layed back, and he marked the dots again and clamped the skin, the clamp hurt the worst.

I closed my eyes tight as I could, and he pushed the needle through.

It was easy peasy!! Compared to my other piercings, it was one of the easiest I have had ( my tragus was the worst, the crunch was gross)

The piercer then talked to us for a bit while I regained my composure, informing me of how to keep it clean, and what to expect in the coming days.

It looked a bit messy for a while, but seemed to be healing pretty quickly by the end of the following week....


about 2weeks after getting it done I knocked it, not hard, but the next day it swelled up, and was red,and angry looking. I worried myself for about a day, then rung the piercing studio, and told them what I was experiencing, they told me not to be too concerned, and to increase my cleaning each day.

But.. the next day it stil looked angry, so I went back, the piercer said it was infected, most likely from knocking it.

He sat me down, cleaned it, and squeezed the puss out.. EW YUK!! It was bleeding a little bit, but the swelling went down straight away.

It is now nearly 2 weeks later, and it still appears to be an unhappy piercing.

I have now studied up on surface piercings, and have discovered that the rejection rate is high for this type of piercing, and I am petrified of losing it. I love my new piercing, its beautiful, and I love the response I get from people, I think only one person has said they're not keen on it.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the piercing studio that I would have gone to had it been open the day I wanted it done.

My boyfriend was enquiring about buying tapers for stretching his ears, anyway, somehow the subject got onto my anti eyebrow, I told the piercer what was happening, he informed me that PTFE was unsuitable for my piercing, and that it WOULD reject.He said it would stay red, and anrgy looking for ever n ever.. unless I am one of the lucky few who can heal it without rejection. I am super worried now, and crossing my fingers that his is just an opinion, that I am one of the lucky ones who can keep their surface piercings. Wish me luck, I really dont want to take it out, but because I dont want a BIG scar on my face, I am keeping it in 'til after the new year, and if it doesnt get any better, I am taking it out, and getting 2 micro dermals, which he recommended, he had one in his wrist that he kindly knocked and hit to show me the ease with which micro dermals heal, and live in ones skin....

Cross your fingers for me people, and has anyone heard of an anti eyebrow healing perfectly with PTFE?? PLease say you have, I am a very scared girl..HMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... To be continued..


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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