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14g bridge DIY

Having pierced my lip myself about 2 months ago, I figured piercing my bridge would be a piece of cake. I was right, for the most part. I had wanted to pierce my bridge for a while, I had just moved to Bremerton, WA, and my buddy said they sold piercing kits at the hot topic. I begged him to take me there every day, I guess its kind of a pain to get to Silverdale when your just a broke hardcore kid. Last night, I lucked out.

We were roaming around Bremerton, and he calls his bud to hang out, he comes to get us, he lives in Silverdale. We hang out, we crash at his place, and he takes us to the mall in the morning, im set. I finally got him to take me there today, he exaggerated. I really don't like hot topic that much, but they had allot of local hardcore merch, so I dug that, I rummaged through it all before finding the case of body jewelry. The case seemed to be a godsend, but upon further inspection, I was pretty disappointed. By piercing kit, he meant that they had pliers for opening and closing CBR's, as well as a horrible selection of jewelry. I gave up on the whole hot topic fantasy, and we started to wander around the mall, and look for a ride.

Oddly enough, we saw our room mate and he was on his way back to Bremerton, we left the mall and we ran a few errands, and then they ended up going to a clothing store, just so happens Golden Rule Body Jewelry was right next to it, I went in looking for a barbell for my bridge, as well as needles. They tried to sell me a 40$ barbell, internally threaded. I understand the whole spiel about paying for quality, but I didn't have that kind of money, I had 23$. The man cut me a deal and gave me a barbell for 15$ (later, while trying to buy pizza, I realize he took my change and I ended up paying 20). I was set, I went to wal-mart and bought some large gauge needles (for diabetic's or something). Then we went and got pizza (at this point, realizing that I had not got my 5$ in change and I had to buy a one topping instead of two, needless to say, I was bummed).

We got home, I cooked my pizza, watched American Hardcore, putting it off. I asked all 7 of my roommates if they wanted to do it for me, each answering with a resounding no. One even going so far as to tell me that I would look horrible with a bridge piercing. I was dead set, I went and boiled my supplies, and locked myself in the bathroom. I marked the points, and sat there pushing the needle through forever, slower was better since I didn't have tongs. It must have been about 45 minutes altogether. 38 with the needle and 8 with the jewelry.

Finally I got the needle all the way through and pushed it around a bit in hopes of loosening up the hole because I wasn't blessed with the proper tools. Finally, I slowly pulled the needle out of the right side, feeding the jewelry in the right. That didn't work so I took the jewelry out and tried to feed it in the right side, that ended up working. I pushed it in with quite a bit of force, and it was all the way in, but the other threads weren't sticking out the other side, I had to wrestle with that for a bit before it worked. Then I took a breather, sat on the side of the bath tub and gave my hands time to quit shaking before I put the other ball on.

I washed my face a bit, and proudly went downstairs to show all my buddy's. They were all surprised I actually did it myself, Belfair Shawn said it looked horrible, later admitting that im a stud. Overall, im proud, its really straight and I love the placement. Its slightly swollen and as soon as im done writing this, im going to hold a root beer on it.

I wish I could have got it done professionally, and if I was still living in Oregon, I definitely would have. I had no clue if there were even any piercing shops in WA, and if I were to see one, how would I know if they were legit or not? I was not impressed with Golden Rule body jewelry and I DEFINITELY miss High Priestess Body Piercing, I was friends with all the piercers there, and I don't think ill ever feel that same atmosphere. The man at the counter of Golden Rule made a comment about the HPP sticker on my hat, and it hit home.


submitted by: HardKory
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Eyebrow Piercing

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